Purdys Chocolatier: Ruby Praline & Ruby Cherry Almond Bars

Have you heard of ruby confection lately? They are getting trendy for the past few months, and it creates sweet treats with pink coating. The pink color is natural, with no food colouring or fruit flavourings. Purdys Chocolatier, a Vancouver-based chocolatier, recently launched some new confections featuring ruby cocoa beans.

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Scratch Kitchen: a Hidden Gem at Deep Cove

Just before the summer ends, we did a mini-adventure to Deep Cove. Mr. wanted to do a hike at Quarry Rock, but prior to that, we visited a brunch place nearby. It is an 8-minute drive away from Deep Cove, and it is called Scratch Kitchen. They make everything from scratch daily, and there is a 4.8 rating on Google, which makes me even more curious about what they serve. 

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Old Street Crepe: Chinese Crepe & Unique Chinese Desserts

A few weeks ago, I made my first visit to Old Street Crepe, featuring Chinese crepes, Taiwanese beef noodles, as well as traditional Chinese desserts that are rarely found in Vancouver. It is located in Burnaby, just a 5-minute walk across from Metrotown. When I was there for a media tasting, there is an on-going promotion where you can get 50% off if you share a photo on Instagram and tag @oldstreetcrepe.

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ELISA Steakhouse’s Executive Sous Chef is doing her First Popup Dinner at HY Tea Lounge

MARK THE DATE! Ivy Yang, the executive sous chef of ELISA Steakhouse, is hosting her first popup dinner on September 27, 2019 at HY Tea Lounge. The dinner includes 4 courses, which is $75 per person. Wine pairing is available for additional $45. I was invited to a media preview and tried all dishes myself. It is my first time dining at HY Tea Lounge. It is surprisingly bright and spacious. A large window hovers half of the restaurant, which brings natural light.

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Beer + Coffee = Only Available at Honolulu Coffee

Can you imagine having beer and coffee all in one place? Honolulu Coffee recently extends its brand and opens the Beer Garden. In the Beer Garden, it offers a series of canned beer from Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii’s largest brewery company, as well as beer on tap from Main Street Brewing Co. It also launches a new food menu to pair with the beer.

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