If a fan of Bubble Tea, but still wants to remain healthy like me, something new has arrived in Vancouver. I discovered a hidden gem, RAD Tea Room,  in Granville SkyTrain station (located at the Dunsmuir Street exit). Yes, you read it correctly! It is right inside a SkyTrain station.

From interior design to the smallest detail, such as the cup and ingredients selection, it is made of warmth and care. Their tea is sourced from a family-owned local farm in Taiwan, and they blend the tea themselves. In other words, each cup of Bubble Tea is made of natural, healthy, and fresh ingredients. It has a wide selection in terms of tea, milk, and toppings choices. I was glad to try out some of the signature drinks in-store, including

  • Classic Milk Tea
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea Cap
  • Jasmine Milk Tea
  • Avocado Smoothies
  • Peach Lemonade Black Tea with Organic Chia Seeds
  • Rose Bubble Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Tea Mocktail


My personal favorite would be the Rose Bubble Milk Tea. In order to have such a strong floral flavor to the drink, the tea leaves are brewed freshly with rose petals. I was surprised that a Bubble Tea shop would spend much time and effort to ensure each drink’s quality and flavor. Other than that, they have a unique topping that I do not think I ever saw in other similar places: Organic Chia Seeds. As for the milk selection, they currently have Whole Milk, Almond Milk, and Soy Milk, and you may substitute them for free!

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Lastly, if you are itching for some snacks, the RAD Waffles are waiting for you. You may customize your own by adding fruits, avocado, and sauces. Or if you want, just try them plain!


Overall, I would definitely recommend it to everyone who needs a quiet place to chill or study, while remains healthy even after all those eating and drinking.

ADDRESS: 80-678 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8

HOURS: 7AM – 9PM Mon to Fri | 11AM  – 10PM Sat & Sun

INSTAGRAM: @radtearoom

Disclosure: Media Event

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