Located on the same block as Sushi by Yuji, Cafe Xu Hue is probably one of the most recommended Vietnamese restaurants in this neighborhood. A lot of foodie friends said that it is famous for the Bún bò Hu?.

What is Bún bò Hu??

I did some research on this because, to be honest, I do not know what it was until I entered the restaurant. So, bún means rice vermicelli, and bò means beef. This famous dish is originated from Hu?, which was the former capital located in Central Vietnam. The soup base usually contains a great balance in spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavor.

Cafe Xu Hue has a menu, with a limited selection. To me, it means that the restaurant is usually very good with those dishes. Since all my friends recommended and they are famous for their Bún bò Hu?, we decided to order this.

#4 Bún bò Hu? ??c Bi?t ($10.25) (Spicy Vietnamese Vermicelli with Sliced Pork & Beef in Soup) – The soup looks very spicy, oily, and yet flavorful. It also comes with beef shank slices, Vietnamese ham, pork blood cubes, and a mini part of a pig’s foot. I have to admit that the bowl is made of generosity and flavors, but the soup is too salty and oily for me, which covers the actual flavor of the broth entirely.


I also ordered the #5 Bánh Canh B?t L?c ($10.50) (Vietnamese Vermicelli with Crab Meat in Soup), and I was very disappointed that they used imitation crab for the price that they are charging us. There were only four pieces, along with some (Vietnamese?) fish balls, and again it is way too salty and oily for me.

I am not sure if I would ever come back again. Overall, if you were a person who loves the heavy and strong flavor and can endure heat, it might be a good idea to try it out.

Taste: 2/5 • Service: 3/5 • Ambiance: 3/5 • Quality-Price: 2/5

ADDRESS: 2226 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T7

HOURS: 10AM – 7PM Mon, Tues, Thurs to Sun | Wed CLOSED

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