When anyone asked about Japanese-French fusion, I immediately thought of Pidgin, but now there is a new restaurant on this recommendation list – Restaurant Yugo. The restaurant uses the simplest decor and lighting. Inside, you can see a marble sushi bar table, where you can have more interactions with the owner and the chef. This is definitely one of the hidden gems in West End.

To me, excellent service always comes first, before anything else, including food quality. And in here, I love how the owner and the chef patiently introduce each dish’s details to each of their customers. You may think I am exaggerating, but you can definitely see that passion from that smile. In addition, they serve the most unique dishes with some of the best ingredients I have tried.

Aburi NZ King Salmon Nigiri w/ Black Truffles | 3pcs/$17


This is on the “Today’s Special” menu, so I hope they will still be there when I visit them again. They use King Salmon from New Zealand, and it just melts in my mouth. Though I am not a big fan of black truffles, I love that add-on to the nigiri. The truffle perfectly matches the flavor overall. | 5/5

Brussels Sprouts | $9

This dish serves with green apple cubes and feta cheese in yogurt sauce. I personally found the portion is slightly over-sized for two people, or maybe because I am not a veggie person? I would highly recommend mixing well before digging in, so you will be able to taste the acidic yogurt sauce throughout. This would definitely be a family-sharing appetizer. | 3.5/5

Co&Ca | $8


This is on the “Today’s Special” menu. Co stands for tempura corn, where Ca is panko cauliflower. The dish is decorated with drizzles of sour cream and drops of [unknown] orange-ish sauce. They are made fresh and crispy, but we were wondering how they deep fry the niblets corn (which tastes soooo good!).. umm. |5/5

Spicy Fish Tartar | $17

This is on the “Today’s Special” menu. It serves on crispy rice cake and mixes with avocado, along with a quail egg and unagi sauce. The best way of eating it is to get the tartar on a small piece of rice cake, few drops of egg juice, and unagi sauce. Voila! Or you can just eat it on its own. The only thing is I hope I can get more of those chips on the side to eat it with the tartar! | 4.5/5

Salmon Gravlax Chazuke | $17


Matcha & fish broth over cooked rice, topped with gravlax salmon, tobiko, fennel, kizami nori (seaweed), orange gel, and ume & maple syrup sauce. The fish is marinated for 6 days by them, so it has a very rich, slightly smokey flavor to it. I love to eat it with the ume sauce and orange gel, as the sweet- & sourness eases out the heavy flavor of the fish. | 3.5/5

Duck Breast | $29


Another unique and one of my favorite dishes on the dinner menu. The dish is served with wasabi edamame risotto, balsamic cippolini onion, panko crusted cauliflower, and cranberry sauce. The duck breasts are cooked and seasoned perfectly, and it is quite tender. Though I barely taste the wasabi flavor of the risotto, I love how creamy it is. Overall, I love it, and I would definitely recommend as a sharing entree. | 4/5

Pressed Aburi | $12


This is on the lunch menu. The chef chose king salmon and albacore tuna to flame sear for our aburi sushi. I personally found the aburi has too much rice to it, which makes it barely taste the fish on its own. If the sushi can be smaller in sizes or increase the proportion of the fish, I believe this will help bringing out the high-end ingredients used by Yugo. | 3/5

Matcha Mille Crepes | $8

I love how there is red bean filling between the layers, which balances the bitterness from the matcha. This is probably one of the best mille crepe I have ever tried. The edible flower petals just elevate the presentation of a regular piece of cake. You must come here and order this, even you are super full! | 5/5

Taste: 4/5 • Service: 5/5 • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

ADDRESS: 792 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C9

HOURS: 11:30AM – 2:30PM, 5PM – 11PM | Daily

INSTAGRAM: @restaurantyugo | FACEBOOK:@restaurantyugo

Disclosure: Media Event

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