What is better than drinking bubble tea on a pouring day? Drinking more than one bubble tea in a day. Today, I am glad to be invited to a media tasting at Sharetea‘s new location on Cambie Street. The interior of the shop is very similar to the Richmond location one, except that it is larger, which is full of artistic decors. Compare to other locations, it is definitely quieter, so I would say it is a good study or hangout spot with friends.


Here are some signature drinks that I have tried in this event:

  • Mango Green Milk Tea | $5.80 (L)
  • Hawaii Fruit Tea | $5.80 (L)
  • Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea (Caramel Toffee) | $5.30 (L)
  • Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea (Roasted Brown Sugar) | $5.30 (L)
  • Coffee Crema | $5.30 (L)
  • Strawberry Green Tea | $5.30 (L)
  • Taro QQ Milk Tea | $5.80 (L)
  • Oolong Milk Tea w/ Herb Jelly | $5.30 (L)


My favorite would definitely be Coffee Crema. I always prefer Oolong Tea Crema and thought the coffee one is not anything special. Guess what? I was wrong – the drink is very smooth, with a strong coffee flavor. It is not too sweet, because you can adjust the sweetness as you wish. And I recommend 50% sugar. Another one would be Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea. Due to the original flavor of roasted brown sugar, they can only lower the sugar level to 80%, but I found it perfect. The subtle sweetness of brown sugar matches very well with the milk tea – BOMB! Last but not least would be the newest, limited item on the menu – Taro QQ Milk Tea. They use fresh taro, so you can taste bites of taro pieces in every sip. However, I was hoping that the QQ mochi can be chewier.

Hawaii Fruit Tea | $5.80
Mango Green Milk Tea w/ Pearls (left) | Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea (right)

In addition to the above drinks, Sharetea recently introduced a dessert – TorDa ($6.75/single • $10.50/combo). It is very similar to Taiwanese/Japanese Wheel Cakes, in terms of texture and shape, but it comes in both sweet and savory. They introduce a total of six flavors, which are served based on the days of the week.

  • Mon to Tues: Tuna w/ Onion Cheese | Earl Grey Pearl
  • Wed to Thurs: Kiwi Lime | Oolong Pearl | Tuna Cheese w/ Honey Mustard
  • Fri to Sun: Black Tea Pearl | Red Bean | Tuna Cheese w/ Honey Mustard

I tried three of them – Tuna w/ Onion Cheese, Black Tea Pearl, and Red Bean. I personally love the savory TorDa the most, although I do not like cooked tuna nor onion. But the torda does not have any fishiness from the cooked tuna at all. The cheese and the soft texture of the torda make me forgot about the onion’s existence. It is highly recommended for a study snack. The price is very reasonable for the portion, and if you are planning to get a drink as well, the combo comes with a large drink. So that makes it even better.

Tuna with Onion Cheese TorDa | $6.75

As for the sweet TorDa, I found it quite sweet and heavy in some way, but it is quite unique, because you might not be able to find this anywhere else. I would recommend to order this with a lighter drink, such as fruit teas, to balance the sweetness.

Black Tea Pearl TorDa | $6.75

I am not sure if you are the type of person that would only end up sticking to one drink, but I am one of those! So, today I discovered more must-try drinks in Sharetea, and this location is too good to be true – not too noisy, with delicious food and drinks, have wifi, spacious! If you ever pass by this area, make sure to make a visit.

Taste: 4/5 • Service: 5/5 • Ambiance: 5/5 • Quality-Price: 4/5

ADDRESS: 2828 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V5

HOURS: 11AM – 10PM | Mon to Thurs, Sun • 11AM – 11PM | Fri to Sat

INSTAGRAM: @shareteabcFACEBOOK: fb.me/shareteacambie

Disclosure: Media Event

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