Food Crawl Stop #3 – Sushi by Yuji

Time for some wasabi kicks into our food crawl – Sushi by Yuji. Melody chose this restaurant, because it is reasonably priced, and the ingredients are super fresh. More importantly, we are here for some egg porn!

Sushi by Yuji is a hidden gem on Nanaimo Street. Though it is small, they serve some of the best sushi in the Kensington area. We again ordered some of the daily specials, as well as the signature nigiri sushi. I only tried two sushi, Aji (Spanish Mackerel) Nigiri, and Ika Mentaiko Gunkan, because I was full after two restaurants LOL!

What is the difference between Nigiri and Gunkan?

Nigiri consists a slice of raw fish over pressed sushi rice, whereas Gunkan means boat in Japanese. The sushi rice is wrapped around with seaweed, and fish roes are usually served on top of it.

Aji (Spanish Mackerel) Nigiri

Aji (Spanish Mackerel) Nigiri | $3/pc

I never tried this type of fish before, not the Spanish Mackerel. Its flavor is fairly subtle, and it is served with scallions and freshly grated ginger. I think it also has a subtle fishy taste to it, but I am not sure if this is what it supposed to taste like. Overall, I do not love nor hate it. This is a new experience for me! | 3.5/5

Tobiuo (Flying Fish) Nigiri | $3.95/pc
Uni Nigiri | $4.50 • Uni Gunkan | $4.50 • Toro | $3 • Ikura with Quail Eggs | $3.50

Ika Mentaiko Gunkan

Ika Mentaiko Gunkan | $2.50

For anyone who does not know what this is, Ika Mentaiko is squid with cod roe. This is another new experience for me because I love ika nigiri sushi, but I never tried it together with mentaiko. I found it tastes quite bland on its own, so a dip of soy sauce and wasabi would definitely give it a kick. I was never a big fan of mentaiko, just because it has a bitter and fishy flavor most of the time. But I love this one! | 4/5

Although I did not try much this time, based on my past experience, this place is highly recommended. The ingredients are fresh, and they are served at a reasonable price. So if you come over to the Kensington area, have a try!

Taste: 4/5 • Service: 4/5 • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

ADDRESS: 2252 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T7

HOURS: 5:30PM – 9:30PM | Tues to Sun

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