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Having a brunch date with my love one is my favourite thing to do on the weekends, and recently, Sai Woo became my newest to-go brunch place. Being a classy and spacious restaurant, it features casual Asian fusion food, by adding twists to Western dishes. I was invited by Andrew to a media tasting for Sai Woo’s new brunch menu and cocktails. As it was my first time visiting this restaurant, I was excited to try out some of the creative dishes.

Sai Woo Style Congee / $10 • House Made Spam Musubi / $10 • Shake & Eggs / $17

New Brunch Menu + Cocktails

Here is a glimpse of the new brunch menu and cocktails.

Sai Woo’s Brunch + Cocktail Menu

Sai Woo Style Congee

Sai Woo Style Congee / vegetable medley, fried shallots, asian herbs (+ pork) / $10 (+$5)

This was my favourite dish of the brunch menu. Chef Ko added a drizzle of chili oil on the risotto-like congee, which gave my morning a damn hot kick. The pork was tender and added some charcoal flavor to the dish. It was simple, but unique and different aside from those usual and plain congee I ate in the morning.

Shake & Eggs

Dry aged 5oz striploin, asian salsa verde, fried egg, asian slaw, taro hash / $17

This was another popular dish that I did not have a chance to take pictures before we devoured it. If you want a fancier brunch, this was the dish you would go for. When dried aged striploin was paired with simple ingredients, like fried egg and taro hash, this dish turned out surprisingly delicious. I loved the house made taro hash, crunchy and not as heavy as the regular potato hash. I thought the striploin was slightly overcooked and chewy, but overall it was one creative brunch.

Chinese Style Omelette

Chinese Style Omelette / Chinese spiced vegetables, asian slaw, shaved vegetables / $10

Omelette can mix with anything, but mixing with Chinese spiced vegetables was new to me! The dish was not very special, comparing to other dishes on the menu. But it was not bad as an vegetarian option.

House Made Spam Musubi

House Made Spam Musubi / toasted nori, pickled vegetables, fried egg / $10

Spam was made in house here! Say what!? It was another simple dish, yet the spam did wow me for a second. The overall flavour was not too popping, and I am not a super big fan to eat rice in the morning, so I would prefer something else.

Steamed Korean Scallion Pancakes

Steamed Korean Scallion Pancakes / braised pork, salsa verde, fried egg /$10

It was a healthy dish, where the Korean pancakes were steamed instead. I love the salsa verde, which paired perfectly with the braised pork. Though the pancakes were kind of bland, the salsa added an earthy flavor to it. Finishing off with a fried egg just made it even better.

Daily Dessert Feature

Always finishing a meal with a dessert is always a golden rule, and the brunch was no exception! Chef Ko made us a lively chocolate mousse, with edible flowers, pickled blueberries, mango & raspberry drizzles, and house made coconut sorbet. The sorbet was very refreshing and balanced out the heaviness from the mousse cake. I fell in love with this dessert on my first bite!


Can you believe Sai Woo also made the beef jerky in house? The Caesar was too spicy and heavily flavored to my liking. So I would go for the Asahi-Mosa, a fruitier and more refreshing cocktail in this hot summer.

Overall Impression

Sai Woo is a spacious and innovative Asian fusion restaurant. I was amazed by how Chef Ko used simple ingredients and turned them into unique dishes. My first experience with Sai Woo was awesome, and I will definitely return for more desserts and hitting the dinner menu too!

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 4/5 • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: 4/5

Address: 158 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1T3
Phone: (604) 568-1117 Instagram: @doyousaiwoo
Facebook: /doyousaiwoo
Website: Sai Woo
Mon: Closed
Tues to Sat: 4:30 pm til Late
Sun: 4:30 pm to 9 pm

Disclosure: Media Tasting

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