Right across the Boiling Point in Richmond, there is a new-ish bubble tea shop, Bobii Frutii. It is originated from Taiwan and, this is the first Canadian store. They specializes in photogenic bubble tea with no preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial coloring. In addition, all drinks are served with their signature pearls, original, brown sugar, or butterfly pea flavour. Few days ago, I was invited to a media tasting, and I was very excited to try out their drinks to see if they are worth the hype.

Bobii Frutii provides a very attractive menu for customers to read. Most of the signature drinks are cataloged nicely, with a detailed description of what the drink is. According to the founder of Bobii Frutii, Young, he started this brand all based on his and his girlfriend’s mutual love for bubble tea. And while creating each signature drink, there is a story behind it.

Out of all the signature drinks, Uji Snow is my favourite. It is a mix of hand whisked Uji Matcha, milk, and original bobii (pearls). The matcha is strong, pungent, yet smooth, which balances well with the sweetness from the drink. Although it is one of the most expensive drink on the menu, you can definitely taste the high-quality matcha powder.

Uji Snow / hand-whisked Uji matcha, milk, original bobii / $7.89

Mermaid’s Tears is also a popular item, as not only it is photogenic, but also delicious. It has mango, lemon, honey, milk, and butterfly pea bobii. It is layered perfectly, which Young said he wants to give people a feeling of being at the beach. It is very important to mix well before drinking it to prevent any uneven flavours. I am neutral with this drink, as it is too sweet for me, but I really like the concept behind it.

Pandora Treasures / lemon, honey, butterfly pea & original bobii / $6.89

I also tried Pandora Treasures, which has lemon, honey, and butterfly pea & original bobii. Although it is refreshing, my boyfriend and I both think the lemon flavor from the drink is kinda artificial. We found it sugary after few sips. Nevertheless, the drink looks aesthetic, and it looks beautiful under the sunshine!

Chocolate Souffle Pancakes / $6.99

Lastly, I also get to try their newest product, Chocolate Souffle Pancakes. These jiggly pancakes set a new food trend in Vancouver, and they come with two flavours – black tea cream with brown sugar bobii and chocolate. I enjoy how egg-y the souffle pancakes are, but they definitely still need improvements in the “souffle” part. Though they are not airy and fluffy enough, I enjoy the perfect sweetness and overall taste.

Overall Impression

I have to admit that Bobii Frutii is one of the most instagrammable bubble tea shop I have been in Vancouver. Some drinks are better than others. With the use of high-quality ingredients, their drinks are relatively pricier than other shops in Richmond. I think it is still worth a try and maybe okay to come back once every few months. But if you only have money for one, I would highly recommend to go for the Uji Snow.

Taste : 3.5/5 • Service: 3/5 • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: 3.5/5

Disclosure: Media Tasting

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