The Top 3 Instagram Story Editors

Everyone is obsessed with Instagram stories, and we are bringing them to a whole new level. It helps to increase engagement with audience by hosting a poll or asking questions. Nowadays, there are many ways to get creative with the stories.

There are also quite a few of Instagram story editors in the market, but which are the ones that you should pay closer attention to? Or which ones are more user-friendly? Here are the top 3 apps that I use to edit my Instagram stories.


This is my favourite IG story editor so far. With over hundreds of amazing templates, Jane is a free application to create incredible and unique IG stories. Most of the elements are editable and have their own features. There are 11 types of template, including simple and seamless. My most used type is Video, which allows you to include both videos and photos in one story.Unlike other apps, all features, including fonts and templates, are free. In order to unlock some of the VIP templates, you can simply share the template to your WeChat Moments. The only paid feature would be removing the watermark and advertisements.

The app is in Chinese, but you can change the language to English in Settings. Also, it is better to connect the app with your WeChat account to unlock templates.


  • A wide selection of text fonts, filters, and music to choose from
  • Photos and videos can be edited within the app.
  • The range of free feature options is excellent


  • You cannot move the editable elements around.
  • Requires a WeChat account to unlock templates
Cost: Free
Cost for Premium Features: $4.99 (permanent)
Download Link for iOS | Android


Mojo is a quick and easy way to create awesome videos for your IG stories. It is superb, but relatively expensive, as the subscriptions are charged monthly ($11.99) or annually ($49.99) to unlock all features, including templates and fonts. As there are many IG story editors in the market at the moment, I don’t think it is worth the price to unlock the additional templates.

The free animated templates are quite limited, but I think it is still a handy app to create an unique IG story. It is user-friendly, and the templates are 100% editable.


  • No account is required.
  • Can use a combination of videos and photos in templates
  • The templates are 100% editable.


  • The free features are limited.
  • There are glitches when creating multiple stories at once.
Cost: Free
Cost for Premium Features: $11.99/month or $49.99/year
Download Link for iOS

Adobe Spark Post

I recently started to use Adobe Spark Post to create professionally looking IG stories. You can access Adobe Spark Post from your computer using the desktop version or just the mobile version, which I normally use. It is simple to use, with various types of templates, such as infographics, collages, ads, etc. And they are all free to use.

As a beginner user or for convenience, I do not recommend to start from scratch. The templates are 100% editable and highly flexible. You can change the font styles, sizes, color, as well as changing the theme color, graphics, etc. You can also add filters and animations to your static IG stories. In conclusion, Adobe Spark Post is the app where your creativity shines.


  • Majority of app feature is free to use.
  • Excessive amount of free designs and templates
  • All templates are 100% editable.
  • You can access from a computer, with the desktop version.


  • May be more time consuming when designing the IG stories
  • May be difficult to use compared to other apps (at least for the first time)
  • Cannot include video in the templates
Cost: Free
Cost for Premium Features: $12.99/month or $129.99/year
Download Link for iOS | Android

Besides the above apps that I mentioned, there are also other popular IG stories editors, such as StoryArt and Unfold. I used them often, because they are easy to use. However, they might get boring after a while. I hope this blog helps to create one of your unique and creative IG stories in the near future.

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