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Every month, there is at least one new bubble tea shop opening in Vancouver, and as a foodie, I can barely keep up with the names of the shops, or even which place tastes the best. Once in a while, there is one that catches my attention, and I am about to introduce you to one of my recent favourites. To be honest, I think the quality from this new shop beats some of the bigger brands out there.

ThirsTea Vancouver (???) is an online store based on WeChat and Instagram. They highlight milk tea, using different tea leaves, such as TieGuanYin (???) and Dragon Jasmine (????) tea. In addition, the owner, Nigel, adds various elements to give each drink a distinct personality and taste profile. Although the menu has limited options, I always believe in “quality over quantity”.


Menu for ThirsTea Vancouver
Menu for ThirsTea Vancouver

I ordered three bottles, including Hong Kong Milk Tea, Iron Buddha Milk Tea, and Dragon Jasmine Milk Tea. As it is an online store, they offer delivery to most of the areas in Metro Vancouver on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The delivery fee can range from $3.50 to $16. If you meet the minimum order, you can then enjoy the delivery for free.

Each drink comes in a glass bottle, which a deposit of $2 is charged. You can get back the deposit, once you return the bottle. I really like this idea, not only does the packaging look classy, it is more environmental-friendly. The store can reuse the bottles for future orders.

Hong Kong Milk Tea / $5.50 . Iron Buddha Milk Tea / $6

Anyway, here is the important part – how do they taste? If I have to describe them in one word, it is “different”. My favourite is the Iron Buddha Milk Tea. It has a smooth yet strong roasted tea flavor from the premium Chinese oolong tea. Then, a hint of sweetness from the black sugar kicks in. The milk tea has the perfect amount of sweetness, and I am surprised to taste such complexity in a simple looking milk tea.

Hong Kong Milk Tea / $5.50

My second favourite is the Dragon Jasmine Milk Tea. It has a lighter and more floral taste profile, compared to the Iron Buddha milk tea. This tranquilizing tea is smooth and refreshing, with an aromatic and delicate scent from the jasmine flower. Unfortunately I don’t like the Hong Kong Milk Tea as much as others. I mean I still enjoy it, but it is sweeter than how I like it. Since I am from Hong Kong, I admit that I have a higher expectation in my HK milk tea. It is not as creamy and smooth as it should be. It also leaves a hint of astringent aftertaste from the tea.

Overall Impression

Even though I don’t like the Hong Kong Milk Tea as much, I really enjoy the overall experience with ThirsTea. Many may be worried with ordering food online or on WeChat, but I hope this blog post can minimize any of your doubts or worries. They offer some of the best milk tea so far in Vancouver, and I hope they can continue to produce such high-quality products to their customers.

Taste : 5/5 • Service: 5/5• Ambiance: N/A • Quality-Price: 5/5

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