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In January, The Rise Eatery launched the “Kick the Blues” menu during the period of Dine Out Vancouver, and it was a blast. Everyone started to talk about the restaurant, and many even went and tried it themselves, including myself. I actually came here since they first opened, and I really enjoyed the simple and delicate fusion cuisine. Then, my second visit for the “Kick the Blues” menu was a delightful experience. Last week, I visited the restaurant again. I was invited to a Yelp Elite event, and I got to try more of the signature dishes from the menu!

The Rise Eatery is a family-sharing style restaurant, which offers Asian fusion cuisine. Menu changes occasionally, and this makes me always want to return for surprises. For this event, the tasting menu features their family-sharing style, and it includes six of their signature dishes, with a mix of appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

Everyone is served with their choice of cocktail, and we all hang out at their secret patio before the dinner starts. The patio is behind the restaurant, and it opens during the summer time. It is a quiet and hidden area, for anyone who wants to enjoy the sunshine and a glass of cold beer.

Servers come around and serve us the first dish – Diamonds & Pearls. Corn & tapioca are deep-fried with aged cheddar and Parmesan. Although it is deep-fried, it is quite light, especially after dipping into the house-made spicy mango ketchup. It is such an unique combination, and who would think simple ingredient, like tapioca can create such delectable appetizer.

Diamond & Pearls / aged cheddar, parmesan, corn & tapioca fritters, spicy mango ketchup

After few rounds of the appetizer, our dinner starts with a light, signature salad – Lo Hay Salad. It is originated from Singapore, and Lo Hay means “prosperity” in Cantonese. Customers can have fun and toss the salad, which said to bring good fortune. It is served in large platters and piled with julienned veggies and smoked salmon. Then the dish is finished off with an apricot & beet vinaigrette. I remembered that this was the first dish I tried on my first visit, but I didn’t know such cool story behind it. The salad is refreshing, and smoked salmon is such a good add-on to the vegetables. However, I hope the vinaigrette is more citrus-y to elevate the overall flavor.

Lo Hay Salad / smoked salmon, julienne of cucumber, daikon, carrot, pickled ginger, onion, tomato, taro, peashoots, crisp rice vermicelli, toasted sesame, peanuts, apricot & beet vinaigette

Chicken Seoul Good is a fusion of Korean and Western cuisine, by using wild mushroom cream, truffle oil, and grated Parmesan as sauce, instead of the traditional hot paste. This breading is slightly soggy, but this unique combination is surprisingly delicious. The chicken is marinated perfectly, and it is juicy and tender.

Chicken Seoul Good / korean fried chicken, wild mushroom cream, truffle oil, grated parmesan

Uni-Versal Pasta XO Edition is one of the most popular dishes in the “Kick the Blues” menu, and this is my second time trying it. Compared to the first time, the pasta was seasoned on point. Many may not like squid ink pasta, because the pungent, fishy squid ink can overpower the dish. But this dish was well-balanced, with sea urchin cream and egg yolk. Although I can barely taste the spice from XO, the sauteed prawns were delicious.

Uni-Versal Pasta XO Version / house xo sauteed prawns, squid ink pasta, sea urchia cream, egg yolk, tobiko, nori

After such a creamy dish, we clean our palettes with a vegetarian dish – Buried Treasure. It is a harmonized combination of vegetables and fruits. Miso braised cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, and broccoli is paired with mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, lemon tahini, and house made dukkah. Dukkah is an Egyptian condiment, and it is used to dip with vegetables. It has such nutty and earthy flavor, which I have never tasted before. I enjoy it being as the last dish before dessert, and now I can fully enjoy the dessert.

Buried Treasure / miso brasied cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts & broccoli, house-made dukkah, lemon tahini, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries

Last but not least, it is one of another item on the “Kick the Blues” menu – Luv U So Matcha. A pretty and delicate matcha cheese tartlet is paired with raspberry coulis and crispy white chocolate pearls. The tart is served warm, and which surprised most of us, because I would expect a cold cheesecake tart. Since it is warm, the matcha filling is slowly oozing out and melts in your mouth.

Luv U So Matcha / matcha cheese tartlets, raspberry coulis, crispy white chocolate pearls

Overall Impression

This Yelp Elite event was a blast. Not only because it is held in “The Rise Eatery”, but also I get to learn about the background and stories of the owners and the dishes. My favourite dish would be the Diamonds & Pearls, because it is such a creative dish. I also love the Uni-Versal Pasta XO Edition and Luv U So Matcha. Would I come back again? HELL YA! The seasonal menu change will always surprise me! If you are looking to try the “Kick the Blues” menu, they serve it everyday for $42, except Wednesday for only $30. I highly recommend to try it, if you have never tried this place. It is a good and inexpensive way to start learning all about this restaurant.

Taste : 4.5/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: 4.5/5 • Quality-Price: N/A

The Rise Eatery | Instagram | Facebook
Address: 3121 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3K1
Tues to Fri: 11 am – LATE
Sat to Sun: 10 am – LATE

Disclosure: Yelp Elite Event

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