Do Chay: New Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Restaurant on Kingsway

Do Chay is a new Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway that features vegetarian and vegan authentic Vietnamese cuisine, with a modern twist. It belongs to the same owner as House Special and Green Lemongrass. Currently, it is at the soft-opening stage, which serves during lunch time. The menu is quite extensive to include Vietnamese street food, noodle bowls, and rice bowls. It also offers cocktails and Vietnamese iced coffee. I am invited to a media preview before its grand opening on May 18, and the food is unique and delicious!

Our meal starts with a beverage. I got a Vietnamese iced coffee, while he chose a virgin cocktail. The dark-roast coffee slowly drips through the small metal drip filter into the glass with condensed milk. Then gives it a good stir, before adding ice. I enjoy the coffee, with more condensed milk, but this will do to start my day!

The vegan Spring Rolls (gluten-free, vegan) are delicious – crispy and fresh. This appetizer comes with green leaf lettuce and herbs for wrapping and a Vietnamese vegetarian dipping sauce, nuoc cham chay, for dipping. The host recommends us to try it by wrapping the spring roll with the greens, and it is more refreshing and less oily. The fillings include carrots, vermicelli, and maybe some black fungus.

Spring Rolls / crispy vegan spring rolls, green leaf lettuce and herbs for wrapping, nuoc cham chay / $7

Coconut Rice Cakes (gluten-free, vegan) are my favourite. You rarely see this dish in Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, and I love its uniqueness and different layers of flavors. On the cast iron seared coconut milk rice cakes, there are cabbage, carrot, and green onion. Garnished with cucumber and dressed with the vegetarian dipping sauce, the rice cakes are chewy and with a hint of sweetness from the coconut milk, but the dipping sauce allows its toppings to shine. I highly recommend to get a bit of everything in one bite, so you can enjoy sweet and savoury all at once!

Coconut Rice Cakes / cast iron seared coconut milk rice cakes, cabbage, green onion, nuoc cham chay / $9

Hand-wrapped XO Potstickers (vegan) are paired with mushroom XO and sweet soy, with a filling of cabbage and carrot. The flavor is on point, but I hope the dumplings have a crust base, with more mushroom XO to add more heat to the dish.

XO Potstickers / hand-wrapped, mushroom XO, cabbage, carrot, served with sweet soy, sweet pea shoots / $8

Do Chay Dumplings (vegan) is another unique street food that I have never tried before. It is a snow pea and jicama steamed dumplings, placed on coconut milk and the vegetarian dipping sauce. It is very similar to the coconut rice cakes, except the crispiness. The dumpling skin is thin, and the overall flavor is light and refreshing.

Do Chay Dumplings / snow pea and jicama steamed dumplings, coconut milk, nuoc cham chay / $9

Mosoon Roll (gluten-free, vegan) is a vegetarian version of salad roll, but this is probably my least favourite. For the filling, it has tofu, jicama, onion, and fresh herbs, wrapped with rice wrappers. Compared to the regular salad rolls, this dish is not as refreshing, but with a stronger and heavier taste. There seems to have a lot going on in the roll. The dipping sauce is a chili pineapple sauce. I think I still prefer a simple salad roll!

Monsoon Roll / tofu, jicama, fresh herbs, onion, rice wrapper, chili pineapple sauce / $8

Overall Impression

This new vegetarian/vegan Vietnamese restaurant does not disappoint a meat lover (aka me!) Without telling me beforehand, I would not know this is a restaurant that features vegan dishes. The restaurant has a calming ambiance, which has a different vibe compared to other restaurants on the same street. I love the flavors and uniqueness from the street food. I highly recommend the Coconut Rice Cakes and Do Chay Dumplings. Although the Vietnamese Iced Coffee is not vegan, I would love to come and enjoy one! I will return after its grand opening to also try the rice and noodle bowls.

Taste: 4.5/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: 4.5/5 • Quality-Price: N/A

Do Chay | Instagram
Address: 1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4
Hours: TBA

Disclosure: Media Event

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