Vanilla & Peanut-Free Ice Cream, only with CanAsian Ice Cream

Summer is the perfect time for ice cream, gelato, and sorbet, but do you know which one to choose from? You can find at least one full aisle filled with different brands of ice cream in any grocery stores in Vancouver. Few weeks ago, I tried a new product line with Asian-inspired flavors, CanAsian Ice Cream, created by Prairie West Ice Cream.

CanAsian Ice Cream has 6 different flavors, and you can most likely find them in the Ice Cream section, with all other Asian-flavoured ice cream. I got mine at Safeway, and I was able to find 5 of the flavours there.

All ice cream are made with Canadian milk and naturally flavoured. They are also peanut-free. They come in a larger pint, which is great to bring to parties or share with bigger groups of friends.

Green Tea – 4/5

Let’s start with a classic and everyone’s favourite – Green Tea. The milk-based ice cream is rich and creamy. The green tea flavour is strong and is balanced with the overall sweetness. Although it is incomparable to Japanese matcha ice cream, as it lacks the bitterness, it is a good option for people who prefer a mild-flavoured scoop.

Honeydew Melon 3/5

Here it comes a even lighter green scoop – Honeydew Melon. It definitely tastes like the real fruit, but I am never a fan of melon-flavoured products. If you love the melon-flavoured Melona, then you can probably finish this pint in one setting. It tastes just like that!

Coconut – 4.5/5

Coconut is my favourite, mainly because it tastes exactly like the real coconut. It is creamy, rich in flavours, and refreshing. I wish they have real coconut meat in the ice cream to add texture, but otherwise, it is the one that I would crave for in a hot afternoon..

Mango – 3/5

Another classic flavour, Mango, would be a popular option, if it is less sweet. Again, this would taste much better with real mango bits, but to add acidity. I would have to pass on this one.

Peach Lemongrass – 2.5/5

Peach Lemongrass is the most unique of all flavors, but also my least favourite. Though all products are naturally flavoured, this tastes artificial. The touch of lemongrass did not help elevate the overall experience. It has a beautiful orange pastel color, but it is definitely not something I would ever try again.

Overall Impression

As a new product line, CanAsian Ice Cream has a decent amount of flavor choices. Coconut and Green Tea are my favourites. However, as there are many competitors in the market, there aren’t much to differentiate them than others. I really hope to see more unique options in the upcoming flavors. Or it would be nice to infuse real fruit bits into their pints.

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Where to Buy: Safeway, Save on Foods, PriceSmart Foods, IGA

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