Weekend Tea: Premium Quality Fruit Tea in South Burnaby

Last week, I brought my friends to try out a newly-opened tea shop in Burnaby, across from OneZo Tapioca. Unlike any bubble tea shops out there, Weekend Tea is known for fruit teas made with real fruits. From sweetness, flavors, to toppings, all drinks are customized to pair well with every element. For example, the Lychee Fruit Tea is paired with aloe vera and lychee bits. Therefore, customers are not given the option to customize sweetness or add toppings to the drinks.

The seating area is gorgeous with a stunning garden wall, which is both photogenic and brings a lively ambiance to the shop. There are few seats and tables, so it can get packed in the afternoon.

Lychee Fruit Tea / $6.75 (L) ; Grape Yogurt / $7.25
Lychee Fruit Tea / lychee bits, aloe vera / $6.75 (L)

I chose the Lychee Fruit Tea to start, and I instantly fell in love. It has a beautiful layer, with bits of lychee and aloe vera. They add a great texture, and the drink is very refreshing and perfect for the summer. Lychee is an expensive and rare fruit to buy in Vancouver, so I am satisfied enjoying my drink filled with lychee.

Grape Yogurt (right) / grape slush, yogurt, agar jelly / $7.25

My friend chose Grape Yogurt, and it is her favorite drink of all. The drink is comprised of layers of grape slush and yogurt, with an addition of agar jelly. The grape flavor really stands out in the drink, with a hint of tartness from the yogurt. However, I don’t think the texture of agar jelly matches the drink.

Zang Series

After trying some fruit tea, we start trying the Zang series. Zang Mango has mango jam, mango bits, fresh milk, and a layer of cream cheese foam on top. My friend and I both agreed that the cheese foam is overpowering the drink. The entire mango is blended to become mango jam and mango bits, but I would prefer chunks of mango to add a texture to such a milky drink.

Zang Mango / $6.50 ; Zang Strawberry / $6.50

Zang Strawberry is another drink in the Zang Series, and it is similar to Zang Mango, but uses strawberries instead. This drink is slightly better, where the taste of strawberries is relatively stronger. However, we are not a fan with both of the drinks.

Brown Sugar Milk / $6.50

Lastly, we tried the Brown Sugar Milk. It has pearls, brown sugar, fresh milk, and a layer of cream cheese foam on top. The pearls are slightly undercooked, and the brown sugar flavor is lacking in the drink.

Overall Impression

Weekend Tea specializes in fruit tea, and they are relatively cheaper than other fruit tea shop out there. Their menu changes depending on seasonal fruits, so during the summer, my go-to is the Lychee Fruit Tea. If you are looking for a thicker and slush-like beverage, Grape Yogurt is an excellent choice! The drinks are not too sweet, and please mix the drinks well before drinking them. After trying their milk tea, I think I am going to stick with their fruit tea.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: 3.5/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

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