Black Market Supper Club: A night filled with mystery and suprises

Just before the long weekend ended, I went to an exclusive dining experience at Black Market Supper Club located in South Surrey. It is hosted and prepared by a world class chef with no identity being revealed. They wear black masks during the entire time cooking in the kitchen. Location and time stay as a mystery until 72 hours before the dinner. Each dinner is attached to a unique theme, and our night is to honour 25 years Anniversary of the French Laundry.

72 hours before the dinner, I received the email which includes a detailed instruction on how to get to the said location and a suggested wine list to pair with the meal. Given said that, the dinner doesn’t include alcohol, but sparkling, still water, tonic, soda, and cola are complimentary. You are more than welcome to bring your own bottle to enjoy the meal.

The dinner began at 7pm, and we were told to arrive at 6:45p. Feel free to mingle and find your seat, while waiting for the dinner to start!

Dutch Cheese Charcoal Gougères with 3 types of butter

Once everyone is arrived, we commenced our dinner with the bread service, featuring Dutch Cheese Charcoal Gougères with 3 type of butter.

  • Lemon shallot and herb
  • Brown butter, burnt onion
  • Everything bagel

I love the gougères, crispy shell with a hollow inside. It tastes great with the butters, and my favourite is to pair with the Lemon Shallot & Herb Compound Butter.

Final garnish on the Lobster Pancakes
Lobster Pancakes / carrot brown butter emulsion

Our next course is the Lobster Pancakes with carrot brown butter emulsion. The pancake is stuffed with a generous amount of lobster, chives, and mascarpone. I really enjoy the simplicity of the dish, but I wonder if it is meant to be served lukewarm. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed having each bite with a touch of the purée.

Compared to the previous dish, the White Truffle Custard is more flavourful and on a saltier side. The truffle custard is served with a black truffle ragout in a colourful egg shell. The aroma from the truffle is lingering in the mouth, while enjoying the silky custard.

White Truffle Custard / black truffle ragout, chive potato

Yabba Dabba Do is the main dish for the night, and I was looking forward to this dish the most. There are multiple components on the dish, which includes wagyu beef, beef chop and bone marrow stuffed inside a potato. It is then garnished with chanterelle mushrooms and bordelaise sauce.

Yabba Dabba Do / beef chop, wagyu beef, chanterelles, pommes Anna, bordelaise

This dish is rich and flavourful. The beef chop is tender, and the meat just fell off the bone. My slice of wagyu beef is delicious and melts in my mouth. The bone marrow just oozes out of the potato, and it tastes delightful to pair with the potato. Lastly, the chanterelle and bordelaise played an important role on the dish, which add flavours and ease the heaviness that may bring by the protein.

We ended our meal with a dessert (of course!), Chocolate Veloute. It is layered with a Dutch caramel cookie and cinnamon stick ice cream, with 24 karat gold powder and edible flowers as garnish. The dessert can get heavy after few bites, and it is difficult to crack the cookie to enjoy with other components on plate. I also found it very sticky and too sweet to my liking, especially right after a flavourful dish.

Chocolate Veloute / cafe creme, dacquoise, 24 karat gold

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed this dining experience with Black Market Supper Club, as it is mysterious and fun. Though each dish may have some flaws, I enjoyed the presentation and each element on the dish. I really like the idea of disclosing address and time few days in advance, which makes me more excited and looking forward to the dinner. Although it is far from the city, it is worth to go and enjoy a private dinner with a group of friends or family for special occasions. If you would like to book your next dinner, check out their website for more details.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 4.5/5 • Ambiance: 5/5 • Quality-Price: N/A

Black Market Supper Club | Instagram | Website
Locate & Time is disclosed 72 hours prior to dinner.

Disclosure: Media Tasting

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