Fondway Cafe has the Best Roll Cakes in Vancouver!

I am on an adventure-seeking for the best roll cakes, and now I have tried quite a few. Finally, I found one that is addicting. It is located in Burnaby, very close to the Metrotown SkyTrain station. Can you guess which one is it? Keep reading to find out about this not-too-hidden hidden gem.

Once you step out the Metrotown SkyTrain station, head towards the Beresford Street. There you can find this hidden gem – Fondway Cafe. It is a photogenic cafe that has opened for many years, and they offer an extensive menu of drinks and food. But what really got my attention is the new series of dessert, roll cakes! You can expect surprises because they offer different flavors and cakes every day. You may have to test your luck to try the same cake again.

I went twice after I discovered their roll cakes. My friend and I ordered 3 different flavors, Earl Grey, Matcha Red Bean, and Chocolate.

Matcha Red Bean Roll Cake / $6.95

The Matcha Red Bean Roll Cake is coated with a layer of cream and lightly dusted with matcha powder. The matcha-flavored sponge cake is strong and pillowy soft. I love the ratio of cream and sponge cake. In the center, it is another layer of fluffy cream with a small amount of red bean bits. I am surprised that the addition of red beans brings out the matcha flavor even more from the sponge cake, and it gives a touch of sweetness to the cake.

Chocolate Roll Cake / $6.95

The Chocolate Roll Cake is classic, but still delicious. It uses chocolate-flavored cream, with chocolate sponge cake. The flavor is rich, but not heavy. The sponge cake is as soft as always. However, I think it is such a classic flavor that I don’t think it worth $7.

Earl Grey Roll Cake / $6.95

Earl Grey Roll Cake is my favorite of all three. On top of the outer layer cream, it uses brown sugar syrup as a garnish to create torched marks. The earl grey sponge cake has bits of tea leaves, and the earl grey flavor is surprisingly strong. The brown sugar syrup adds a nice sweetness to the cake. In the center, it is a coffee jelly. I recommend getting a bite with everything in it. Then your palette can be fully embraced by the well-balanced flavor.

Overall Impression

I may not come here for their overpriced drinks, but I would definitely return for their roll cakes. My favorite is the Earl Grey Roll Cake, but I am not even certain if they sell it on my next visit. I love the unexpected, surprising flavors every time when I enter the store. I don’t think I have ever seen repeated flavors, but I don’t go often. Each slice is around $7, so I think it is quite worth it.

Taste : 5/5 • Service: 3.5/5 • Ambiance: 4/5/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

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