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Mixx Bao, a Taiwanese fusion snack bar, is launching a grand opening event today. The first 30 customers will get a VIP card that they can redeem one free bao per month for 10 months. Other customers can enjoy a selected items for 25% off. Mixx Bao offers some authentic Taiwanese snacks that you can’t find in Vancouver. The chefs are moms from Taiwan that can create delicate, delicious dishes from scratch. I was invited to a media event few weeks ago, and I got to try a bit of everything on the menu.

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[ ᴍɪxxʙᴀᴏ ] . 👍🏻 Stewed Pork Gua Bao / $6.80 👊🏻 Bean-Yond Vegan Gua Bao / $7.80 👍🏻 Chili Oil Wonton / $8.50 👍🏻 Pineapple Cake / $3.95 👍🏻 Mung Bean Pastry / $3.95 👍🏻 Sweet Date Walnut / $3.95 . @mixxbao is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant, serving Gua Baos (刈包) and Taiwanese sweet treats, like handmade pineapple cake and pastries 😍 . I tried mini versions of the Gua Baos, and my favourite is the stewed pork 🤤 tender and fatty! The vegetarian one is not my cup of tea though 😞 But for the pastries, I love all 3 of them ☺️ They are delicate pastries that you can rarely see in Vancouver! The Mung Bean one is my favourite ❤️ with handmade pork floss in them. . Overall I think it is a good cute, cozy restaurant, with friendly mom-chefs from Taiwan. The combo might be slightly overpriced, but the portion can definitely feed two people 😉 — Disclosure: media event — #pigoutyvr #pigoutmediatasting #mixxbao #guabao #mungbean #pineapplecake #reddatewalnut #chilioil #taiwanesefood #topfoodnews #nomsmag #vancouverfoodie #dishedvan #curiocityvan #foodietribe #yelpvancouver #fbcigers #crunchvancouver #yvreats #yvrblogger #eatcouver #604eats #districtlocal #foodstyling #narcityvancouver #foodgasm #food52 #綠豆椪 #鳳梨酥

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Mixx Bao has an extensive menu, including the popular gua baos (刈包) and authentic Taiwanese appetizers, such as handmade wontons. I tried two types of gua baos, the classic Stewed Pork Gua Bao and Bean-Yond Vegan Gua Bao.


The Stewed Pork Gua Bao is flavourful. The stewed pork is tender and juicy, which the bao absorbs all the sauce from it. I also love the addition of greens, which makes the bao more refreshing and healthier.

Mini Version Stewed Pork Gua Bao

Conversely, the Bean-Yond Vegan Gua Bao isn’t as great. The Bean-Yond patty is made with soy bean, and the bao also comes with apple slices, carrot, cucumber, cilantro, pickled mustard, peanut powder, and homemade mayo. Unfortunately, the sweetness from the apple slices overpowers other ingredients. I recommend to substitute it with other veggie, so the patty can be the highlight.

Stewed Pork Gua Bao / $6.80 ; Bean-Yond Gua Bao / $7.80

I didn’t known Chili Oil Wonton is a Taiwanese dish because I often see them in Chinese restaurants instead. Anyway, the wontons here are handmade, from making the filling to wrapping them. So I think the proportion of the filling is perfect. Compared to the Sichuan ones that numb my tongue, I prefer this one with a subtle spiciness more.

Mini Version Chili Oil Wonton / $8.50 for regular size

We end our meal with some delicate, authentic Taiwanese desserts that you can’t find elsewhere, except the Pineapple Cake. I was hoping the shell is more buttery, with a less dense, sour filling. Since they use fresh pineapple for fillings, it might be the reason why they are more on the sour side.

Taiwanese Pastries / $3.95 each

Next up is my favourite one, which is the Mung Bean Pastry (綠豆椪). I did some research about it, and apparently it is a traditional Taiwanese mooncake. They normally have a white puff shell, with mung bean paste and pork floss as fillings. The pork floss is different from the one we can buy from grocery store. Instead, it is minced pork, but has a crunchy texture just like pork floss. It is a savoury pastry, with a subtle sweetness from the mung bean paste. I enjoyed it a lot.

Mung Bean Pastry / $3.95

The last dessert is the Sweet Date Walnut Pastry (棗泥酥). Similar to the mung bean pastry, it has a puff shell, but with red date paste and walnut pieces. It is a sweet pastry, and it is not bad. Though I am not a fan of red dates, I don’t mind having it again.

Overall Impression

Mixx Bao is a cute snack bar that offers a wide selection of Taiwanese dishes that you may not be able to find elsewhere. The Stewed Pork Gua Bao is pretty good, as well as the Chili Oil Wonton. But what surprises me the most are the Taiwanese pastries, Mung Bean Pastry and Sweet Date Walnut Pastry. I do find the food is quite pricey here, but the portion is quite generous. So I would grab a friend or two to share a combo.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: 4.5/5 • Quality-Price: 3.5/5

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