Mayelo Foods: Mexican Food Delivering to your House in this Cold Winter

Mayelo Foods recently opens its door, and it serves authentic Mexican dishes, such as tacos, taco dorado, and horchata, etc. With food delivery being more popular these days, it doesn’t have a storefront. Instead, it offers food delivery directly to your house through UberEats and DoorDash. Prior to the grand opening, the owners hand-delivered some food items to my door, and I was so thankful for this personal service. Anyway, let me tell you what I think about them.

I ordered the Carnitas Tacos, Taco Dorado de Pollo, Fresh Watermelon Juice, and Horchata.

The Carnitas Tacos come with two tacos, and they have a generous amount of tender, juicy shredded pork in each taco shell. I love how the pork has left with some fat, which makes the tacos taste better. I pair it with the salsa provided on the side, and it was delicious.

Carnitas Tacos / $6 for two

For the Taco Dorado de Pollo, it comes with three pieces. The taco shell is rolled into a cylinder shape, wrapped around the chicken pieces. They then top with green salsa, chipotle salsa, and shredded cheese. Compared to the tacos, there is less meat in this dish. Otherwise, the chicken is cooked on point, with well-balanced flavors. I just hope that there are more meat.

Taco Dorado de Pollo / $9 ; Fresh Watermelon Juice / $4

I also ordered two drinks, Fresh Watermelon Juice and Horchata. Mr. and I both are not fans of Horchata, and I never know what its authentic flavor is. For the Fresh Watermelon Juice, it is quite sweet. I am surprised that it doesn’t have the watermelon residue, instead it is clear for a fresh fruit juice. I would probably just stick with the food for now.

Overall Impression

Since Mayelo Foods just opened for a few days, it has a limited menu. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the food, but not so much with the drinks. I hope they can soon expand their menu and include more authentic Mexican dishes. If I were to recommend only one thing here, it is definitely the Carnitas Tacos – tender and juicy!

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Taste : 4/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: N/A • Quality-Price: 4/5

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