Feast x Subaru: First Time Visiting Hotpot Palace

This is the second year of Feast: Asian Dining Festival, which you can dine in 34 participating restaurants in Richmond with a discounted price or special set menus featuring their signature dishes. This festival features a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, Korean, Persian, and Japanese, so there must be a suitable restaurant for everyone. The festival is happening from now until November 18, 2019. I collaborated with Feast and Subaru to drive around Richmond and visit some participating restaurants. My first stop is Hotpot Palace, a high-end hotpot restaurant offering a $38 set menu during the Feast Festival.

I had an amazing experience with the 2020 Subaru Outback. It is a medium-sized, 5-seater car with spacious and comfortable leather seats. The first thing that catches my attention is the built-in GPS, so it can lead me to the destination safely and efficiently.

2020 Subaru Outback
2020 Subaru Outback built-in GPS

While others are in love with The Dolar Shop and Haidilao, they often don’t know or forget about another high-end hotpot restaurant in Richmond, near GyukakuHotpot Palace. This is my first time visiting this place, but I’ve heard excellent reviews from my friends before. They currently have a $38 special menu during the Feast Festival. I recommend booking a table from OpenTable prior to heading there because this special menu is only available for bar seat customers only.

Special Feast Menu / $38

The $38 set menu includes 2 pieces of nigiri sushi, a choice of broth with a single serving pot, a choice of meat, seafood platter, vegetable platter, a choice of rice or instant noodles, fresh fruits, and dessert of the day. It may not sound a lot, but I didn’t realize how much food there is until they arrive.

Macau Style Pork Bone Soup

I chose Macau Style Pork Bone Soup for the broth and AAA Angus Beef for the meat. The broth is light and flavourful. It comes with a huge pork bone in my soup, and I can’t taste any MSG or feel thirsty after! I am also surprised by the quality of the AAA Angus Beef.

When the Seafood Platter and the Nigiri arrives, I was amazed by its gorgeous presentation. The platter has fresh fish slices, clams, mussels, shrimps, and scallop. The seafood is fresh and not fishy; the shellfish is not sandy. Even without any sauces, they taste flavourful and delicious because they absorb the pork bone soup.

Seafood Platter / Sushi of the Day

The next item is the Vegetable Platter, which is beyond my expectation. I thought it would be a basket of lettuce, but it turns out with a variety of vegetables and mushrooms! I also love the tofu packet, which has a cooked quail egg inside.

Vegetable Platter

I was 100% full after finishing two-third of the set, but I can never skip the desserts. It comes with a small bowl of fresh fruits and a dessert of the day. I got a Soy Milk Panna Cotta with Red Bean. The texture is on point – silky and light. The pudding has a strong soy milk flavor, and it is best for people who have lactose intolerance.

Fresh Fruits / Dessert of the Day

Overall Impression

I am amazed and satisfied with the dining experience at Hotpot Palace. Though without the set menu, it can get quite pricey. But both the food quality and service are top-notch, and I truly think they are on par with The Dolar Shop. The restaurant is spacious, and it is not as packed as other hotpot places. I am glad that the Feast Festival introduces me to this hotpot place, and I would probably bring Mr. next time for a bigger feast!

Taste : 5/5 • Service: 5/5 • Ambiance: 5/5 • Quality-Price: 5/5

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