Purdys Chocolatier: It is never too early for Christmas Chocolates

What is better than Christmas presents? An EARLY Christmas gift in mid-November! Few days ago, I got a blogger mail from Purdys Chocolatier, a Vancouver-based chocolatier. They recently launched the chocolate collections for Christmas, which allow customers to pre-order their Christmas gifts online. Purdys prepares a wide selection of gift boxes, gift baskets and even corporate gifts in different price range, so there must be one that suits you!

Advent Calendar

This year, Purdys prepares two types of advent calendar – Snowglobe Advent Calendar and Starry Night Advent Calendar.

Snowglobe Advent Calendar comes in a large, rectangular paper box, where you can peel off each day to reveal a secret chocolate to countdown to Christmas. It features mini salted caramel or a solid chocolate Holiday Miniature in milk or white chocolate. I would say this calendar is more attracted to kids, with cute drawing on the box, and the chocolate selection is on the sweeter side.

Snowglobe Advent Calendar / $20

As for the Starry Night Advent Calendar, it is the best selling advent calendar at Purdys. This year, it has a fresh design, so if you flip each drawer as you countdown, you’ll find an entirely different, but still beautiful illustration at the end. Inside each drawer, you may find a milk or white chocolate Holiday Miniature, a dark chocolate bell, or a mini salted caramel. I personally love this advent calendar, as it is more classy, and I can use the calendar as a mini shelf to store small things after.

Starry NIght Advent Calendar / $25

Gift Boxes

I also received few gift boxes in this blogger mail, and the Holiday Tree Gift Box instantly caught my attention. The christmas-tree shaped box is filled with 22 pieces of assorted chocolate, including the mini hedgehog, butterscotch fudgie, and handmade bonbons. The box is festive and nicely designed, so it can be an amazing gift even without any wrappings.

Holiday Tree Gift Box, 22pcs / $30

If you want a box with more varieties, I would recommend getting the Merry and Bright Gift Tin. The box comes with 20 unique pieces, and it features bestsellers such as Yuzu, Turona, and Caramel Carnival, etc.

Merry and Bright Gift Tin, 20 pcs / $25

I got many people asking about the Survive the Season: Chocolate Survival Kit. It is basically all the essentials you need to survive the season. It is a playful kit that includes a variety of chocolate – sweet georgia browns. coffee break bar, peanut butter bar, and hedgehogs. Many of my friends recommend me trying the sweet georgia browns!

Survive the Season: Chocolate Survival Kit / $17

I am surprised to see this 1kg box of chocolate appearing in front of me. Festive Gift is definitely the ultimate chocolate box to bring to a party. It features Himalayan pink salt caramels, hedgehogs, handcrafted bonbons, and a section for roasted cashews.

Festive Gift, 1kg / $90

Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, Purdys also got you covered. I think the Holiday Mini Favourites is the best option. It features classic holiday treats such as pecan caramel and dark chocolate himalayan pink salt caramels.

Holiday Mini Favourites / $12

Instead of just writing a Christmas card to friends and family, the Merry Christmas Bar is a simple, unique way to share joy with others. On the left side of the cardbox, you can write a personalized message. Then it includes a creamy chocolate bar for your special someone. Purdys also offers the chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white options.

Merry Christmas Bar / $5.50

Overall Impression

Purdys Chocolatier‘s Christmas chocolate collection is amazing. It has a wide selection of gift boxes, gift baskets, corporate gifts, and even gifts for kids. I love the well-designed package, so I don’t have to spend extra time on wrapping the gifts. My favourite ones are Starry Night Advent Calendar and the Holiday Tree Gift Box. All gifts that are showcased above are now available to pre-order online.

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