You MUST get this dish in Happy Tree House BBQ!

A few nights ago, I suddenly craved for skewers, so Mr. and I decided to go Happy Tree House BBQ to satisfy my cravings. I often go to the Kingsway location, because it is closer to my house and is more spacious. For anyone who doesn’t know about Happy Tree House BBQ, it specializes in Chinese-style skewers and grilled fish. It has two locations – Kingsway and Richmond, and they are some of the few restaurants in Vancouver that open until late at night. I usually come here for skewers, but there is this one dish that I must order whenever I am here. Read until the end to learn more about this dish.

Since we only have two people, we didn’t order much variety for skewers, as they mostly have a minimum order. So we got 5 Special Lamb Kebab, 2 Spicy and Regular Chicken Wings, and 2 BBQ Chicken Skin. I would not recommend ordering the Angus Beef Kebab here, because they are often overcooked and quite tough to chew.

Special Lamb Kebab / $1.50 each

You can choose between the original and special flavors for the Lamb Kebab. I often get the special one because it adds seasonings such as cumin and spice on the lamb. From my past experience, the lamb one is often juicier and more tender than the beef kebabs.

Chicken Wings (Original & Spicy) / $2.50 each

The Chicken Wings are one of my favourite skewers here, because it is quite cheap for 2-3 chicken wings per skewer. However, I found the spicy one is simply placing paprika on the surface, so the meat isn’t really spicy. I would prefer the original flavor more!

BBQ Chicken Skin / $1.75 each

Mr. ordered the BBQ Chicken Skin, and he thought it is dry and too crispy to his liking. He believes the BBQ chicken skin skewer should have some soft texture, instead of purely crispy and crunchy. Unfortunately, I didn’t like chicken skin to begin with, so I cannot give my opinion on this.

Shredded Kelp / $4.95

We also ordered a cold dish to share, the Shredded Kelp. It was my first time trying it, and I enjoyed it. It is spicy with the flavor of sesame oil and vinegar. It is definitely the perfect dish to increase your appetite. The kelp is crunchy, and I am so addicted to the kick of spice and sourness from this appetizer. I will totally order it next time again.

Handmade Noodles in Lamb Meat Soup / $9.95

Are you ready to know about this dish that I always order here? If you are lucky, you may see the chefs making these noodles in house in their open kitchen. And the dish I enjoy the most here is the Handmade Noodles in Lamb Meat Soup. The noodles are cooked perfectly with a nice, chewy texture. The soup is light, and it comes with few slices of lamb meat. I also like the addition of radish, as it gives a crunchiness to the dish. I recommend this bowl because you can get handmade noodles for less than $10, and the flavor is spot on.

Overall Impression

I always recommend friends to come in a bigger group, so you can order more varieties for skewers, and even get the grilled fish to share. But if you have a sudden craving like us, you can try getting a bowl of the Handmade Noodles with Lamb Meat Soup and an appetizer to start off. Then maybe just add 1-2 choices of skewers, and it can get quite filling. Though the food is delicious and reasonably priced, there is one thing that frustrates me. The ambiance is quite oily, and I would smell like skewers after each meal. So make sure to leave your jackets in your car before coming in.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 3.5/5• Ambiance: 3/5 • Quality-Price: 4/5

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