First Time Trying Pablo Cheese Tart in Toronto

My trip to Toronto has come to an end, and it was my first time visiting Toronto. Through it is only 5 hours away, Vancouver and Toronto has its unique cuisine and stores in the city. My first blog post about Toronto is a famous Japanese dessert parlour that has not arrived to Vancouver yet – Pablo Cheese Tart. In Toronto, there are numerous stores, and I visited the one on Dundas Street. Pablo is known for its cheesecakes and cheese tarts, and I have heard mixed reviews from online and my friends before.

Once you stepped in the café, there is an open kitchen where the cheesecakes and cheese tarts are made. Customers first make their orders prior to heading to the seating area. There are limited seating, but many customers just order for takeout. During January, there is a seasonal flavour, which is Okinawa Beni Imo (sweet potato). However, they were all sold out when we arrived. So we ordered a classic double cheesecake and three mini cheese tarts.

Basque Cheesecake / $11.99

The Basque Cheesecake has a lava cheese filling, and it is lukewarm when it is served to us. We ate it in the café to make sure we get its best flavour. Once I cut through the cake, the cheese filling did not ooze out. Instead it is similar to a custard texture. We were disappointed, but anyway I still take a big bite. The cheesecake is not bad, but nothing special. Unfortunately, the filling is not as creamy as expected. It is lumpy. I wonder if it is better to take home and warm it instead of eating it in house.

Mini Cheese Tarts / blueberry, tiramisu, matcha / $3.99 each

I ordered three Mini Cheese TartsBlueberry, Tiramisu, and Matcha. I am also not a fan of them, but the Tiramisu cheese tart tastes better than the other two. The blueberry one tastes artificial, and the matcha one was too sweet to my liking. The crust was crispy and buttery; however, Pablo did not do a good job on the fillings.

Overall Impression

With many similar dessert parlours in Toronto, this is probably my first and last time trying Pablo Cheese Tart. It is disappointing to see a lumpy cheese filling, as well as artificially flavoured cheese tarts. There are way too many options in Toronto for similar pricing and better quality.

Taste : 2.5/5 • Service: 3.5/5 • Ambiance: 3/5 • Quality-Price: 2/5

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