A Gem on Spadina Avenue: TRU Tea (??)

Walking down Spadina Avenue (aka Chinatown), we found a bubble tea shop that has a spacious interior and unique drinks. TRU Tea (??) is all about using high-quality ingredients to serve a redefined cup of bubble tea for customers. Compared to bubble tea shops in Vancouver, they are reasonably priced, given the fact that they don’t use any powder in the drinks. We enjoyed it so much, and it is funny that not a lot of Torontonians know about this place. We went back multiple times to try different drinks.

Our first visit was attracted by a drink called Deluxe Purple Yam (??????). It only comes in regular size for $6.75. The reason it is called “deluxe” because it comprises of real purple yam puree, tapioca, sweet barley, fresh milk, and topped with purple yam cheese foam. Though the sugar level is fixed, the drink only has a hint of sweetness. The purple yam flavor is strong and addicting. It is definitely one of the better cups of bubble tea I have tried for the past months.

While Mr. ordered the same drink on our second visit, I decided to one of the classic milk tea, Double Roasted Milk Tea (??????). I ordered a large size with half ice and less sugar. I also added tapioca in mine, as they were doing a promotion for free tapioca. Though I ordered less sugar, the drink is still too sweet to my liking. It doesn’t have the “roasted” flavor – maybe I am too used to the roasted milk tea from Chatime. I definitely like the Deluxe Purple Yam more than this drink.

Double Roasted Milk Tea / $5.75 (L) – shown on right

Before we left Toronto, we came here again and tried another signature item, Fresh Taro Tru Tea (??????). It comes with fresh taro puree and sweet purple rice. I again ordered a large size with half ice and less sugar. I quite enjoyed it, but I wish the fresh taro is chunkier, which gives a texture to the drink. I would probably order no sugar next time because the fresh taro already has a natural sweetness. The sweet purple rice makes the drink unique, and I love this combination.

Fresh Taro Tru Tea / $6.75 (L)

Overall Impression

When I was walking on Spadina Avenue, I lost count on how many bubble tea shops are there. The main reason that I chose TRU Tea is because of its bright and spacious interior. The people there are nice, with good service. In addition, they are reasonably priced, even though they are using fresh, real ingredients. If you have never tried this place, I highly recommend trying the Deluxe Purple Yam. I am sure you won’t be able to try the unique purple yam cheese foam elsewhere!

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 4.5/5 • Ambiance: 5/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

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