More on Spadina Avenue: Homemade Ramen (中國蘭州牛肉拉面)

One thing I noticed in Toronto is that there are many homemade noodle shop, and there is one on Spadina Avenue that I enjoyed a lot. Homemade Ramen (中國蘭州牛肉拉面) sells authentic lan zhou ramen (蘭州拉面). Once you enter the shop, you can see a chef at the back pulling noodles non-stop. They make the noodles fresh to order, and they have 6 different noodles to choose from. Each has a different thickness and width.

We ordered two items to share, and of course, we have to order a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle with Beef, as well as Shredded Pig’s Ear with Chili.

For the Hand-Pulled Noodle with Beef, the default noodles are regular, which are 2.5mm wide. However, I decided to change to leek leaves, which are 5mm flat noodles. Once our order was in, the chef started to pull noodles, though I wasn’t sure if he is making our orders. Within 10 minutes, our noodles arrived. The broth is clear and light, with few beef slices and pickled radish. The portion is huge, so it is perfect to share. The noodles are perfectly cooked, nice and chewy. I love the broth so much, and I am surprised by the addition of pickled radish in the soup – the combination goes super well together.

Shredded Pig’s Ear with Chili / $5.99

The Shredded Pig’s Ear with Chili came as well. It looks spicy, but it is not. It is on a sweeter side, with the addition of bell peppers. I prefer having just the shredded pig’s ear with minced garlic and chili oil on its own. The bell peppers are not necessary here.

Overall Impression

Homemade Ramen is another gem on Spadina Avenue. It has good service, clean ambiance, and most importantly, inexpensive noodles. You can get a bowl of noodles for less than $10 here, and I can guarantee that you will leave with a full stomach! Although I didn’t try much here, I will definitely revisit and try other noodle bowls! My recommended item here is the Hand-Pulled Noodle with Beef, and I think the leek leaves’ width and thickness are perfect.

Taste : 4.5/5 • Service: 4/5 • Ambiance: 4.5/5 • Quality-Price: 5/5

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