Food Adventure to Kensington Market: Little Pebbles Cafe

Near Toronto’s Chinatown, there is a famous Kensington Market, where has many independent cafes and Jamaican restaurants. I visited a few cafes there, and I think this one is worth to mention – Little Pebbles Cafe. It is a petit Japanese cafe with very limited seatings, but it was super busy when we visited on a weekend. There is a tiny menu above the counter, as well as a glass shelf filled with cakes and canelés.

We ordered two items to share because we were full after lunch, Matcha Chiffon Cake and a Coffee Canelé. I was tempted to order the tiramisu latte, but I was too full and was hoping I can pass by again to try it (never did ._.)

Matcha Chiffon Cake / $6

The Matcha Chiffon Cake is soft and spongy; however, I couldn’t taste much of the matcha flavor from the cream or the sponge cake. Though it is reasonably priced, I don’t think it was too special for me to order it again in the future.

Coffee Canele / ~$4

Coffee Canelé is small and cute. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste good as it tastes. The shell is thick and super hard, as if it is overbaked. The coffee flavor is strong, but because it has a harder than expected shell, we would have to leave it after a small bite. It seems like it was left overnight, but I wasn’t sure. Compared to the cake, it is relatively expensive for what it is as well.

Overall Impression

Little Pebbles is a Japanese cafe that is recommended by many friends who visited Toronto. However, I wasn’t sure if I ordered the wrong items, or it is just overhyped. There are definitely other items on the menu that caught my attention, such as the Tiramisu Latte and Earl Grey Mille Feuille, but I would definitely avoid the canelés at all costs.

Taste : 3/5 • Service: 3/5 • Ambiance: 3.5/5 • Quality-Price: 3/5

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