Valentine’s Day Date Idea: Cake Decorating Night at Sugar Sugar Studios

Are you still looking for date ideas for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, I got one for you! Sugar Sugar Studios provided affordable cake decorating classes, which you can be hands on into decorating a lovely cake into different shapes, such as cactus, unicorn, pineapple, or even sloth. I was invited to one that held in Café Artigiano on Main Street during the Christmas season, and it was so much fun. For all non-bakers out there, all components (from cake to buttercream) is prepared for you in advance. All you have to do is to put all your love and attention in decorating the cake. I also provided A DISCOUNT CODE in the end of the post!

You can book the classes with a group of friends or just by yourself. For me, I prefer decorating the same cake with Mr., so there will be more interactions and fun between us, without taking two cakes home. You can simply add $25 as a cake sharing fee for an extra set of tools and buttercream.

I attended the workshop for Cactus Cake, and it is a chocolate cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. The class is around 2 hours long, and the final product can feed 4-6 people. I was excited, yet worried because as much as I watched many cake decorating videos, I have never decorated one before. Once I stepped in the café, the long table is filled with tools, buttercream, and of course the cakes.

Our instructor first showed us how to apply the buttercream nicely and evenly on the first layer of cake. At first, it was simple, but I was applying a thin layer of buttercream around the cake, it gets harder. Luckily, the instructor came over to teach me the correct technique.

I don’t want to ruin your experience, so I am going to keep the process and techniques as a surprise, so you guys can fully enjoy the fun of this workshop.

 In the end, we are free to decorate the Cactus Cake into however we want. The instructor taught some easy technique to make eyes and mouth with the fondant, but we can be as creative as possible to complete the final product. As I visited during the Christmas, I created one with a cute, petite Santa hat. During Valentine’s Day, all cakes are filled with heart and valentine spirit.

Featuring my friends, Eva and Gordon, decorating their cakes

A lot of the workshops are now sold out, but there are still few spots left on Sloth Cake and Cactus Cake. I’ve provided the related links for people who are interested. Otherwise, you can even buy a e-Gift card, as they are on sale right now – $59 for $65 gift card, which is another way to enjoy the future workshops at a discount price.

Overall Impression

I enjoyed the cake decorating workshop, and I want to bring Mr. with me next time. Both instructors were patient, when explaining each steps and ensuring everyone is on the right track. It is almost impossible to fail, and everyone in the class went home with a nicely decorated cake. There weren’t much cake decorating classes in Vancouver, and Sugar Sugar Studios just brought in a new date idea in this not-as-exciting city.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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