Lumiere Patisserie: Affordable, Unique Tea-Infused Pastries

Recently, I have been trying some tea infused pastries from a new local online shop – Lumiere Patisserie. The founder of Lumiere Patisserie, Amy Chen, is a passionate pastry chef and has ongoing passion and interest in the baking industry. She wants to incorporate Asian culture and tea into classic French pastries. She also wants her guests to enjoy her treats without hesitate, so her pastries uses high-quality ingredients, with minimal sugar and fat.

I was excited and happy to be one of the taste testers, and they slowly expand their menu to incorporate more teas and flavours. I believe I tried almost every type of pastries at Lumiere Patisserie, and here are some of my favourites pastries!

Houjicha Coffee Pound Cake (top) / Rose Longan Pound Cake (bottom)

Rose Longan Pound Cake is worth to mention, and it is one of the signature items in store. One thing I really like is that Amy creates miniature pound cakes. The portion is perfect, so I can finish one in one setting. I was surprised when I bite through the pound cake, as I saw pieces of real longan in it. The rose petals are infused in the cake itself, and the longan creates a refreshing flavor. The texture is dense, velvety, with a strong butter flavor. You would not be able to find such unique flavor elsewhere.

Tea Drinker Special Gift Box

The Oolong Marshmallows are my favourite of all, and I can smell the aroma just by opening the package. The marshmallows are bouncy, with a pungent oolong tea flavor. You will regret if you don’t get your hands on them.

Matcha Madeleine / Thai Tea Madeleine

After few improvements on the madeleines, Lumiere Patisserie now creates some amazing tea-infused madeleines, with good, cakey texture. My personal favourites are the Matcha Madeleine and the newest Genmaicha Madeleine. Most of the tea powder and tea leaves are from Paragon Tea Room, my favourite plant-based tea cafe in Vancouver. Genmaicha is rarely found on desserts and pastries, because it is difficult to highlight genmaicha’s light and subtle tea flavor, but miracle happens in the Genmaicha Madeleine. It is moist and cakey, and you can taste the genmaicha right away. Matcha Madeleine is a classic, with a matcha chocolate coating. It is strong, with a hint of sweetness, and I think it is perfect as an afternoon snack with a cup of hot tea.

Overall Impression

It is always great to see small businesses to grow and improve, and Amy from Lumiere Patisserie is open-minded and always willing to improve on her pastries. I have to admit that some pastries still requires time to perfect, but the madeleines, pound cakes, and marshmallows taste amazing. Lumiere Patisserie does popups at Sweet Barrel and Caritas 9 Coffee Roasters, or you can order online on their website.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: N/A • Quality-Price: 4/5

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