Tom Sushi: A Hidden Gem on Davie Street

Tom Sushi is a hidden gem on Davie Street, and it was initially discovered by my friend, Andrew. After seeing him going almost every day, I decided to try it with Mr. I asked for some recommendations prior to going because I often order the wrong items in new restaurants! Tom Sushi has a clean and modern interior. It is spacious and bright, especially with the large front window. I went there twice now, and they are always packed even on weekdays. With the extensive menu, it may be hard to decide what to order here. So I included a few tips to order at Tom Sushi in this post.

Tom Sushi, a Korean-owned Japanese restaurant, recently ranked the second on the Yelp’s top 100 restaurants in Canada. And as a foodie, I had to go and try it out myself to see if it is worth the hype. My tip when exploring a new restaurant is to order a few dishes to share, and if we enjoy it, then we proceed to order more. Otherwise, we can leave and go somewhere else.

Negihama Hand Roll / $3.75

We first ordered two hand rolls and few nigiri to share. With Andrew’s recommendation, we ordered two Negihama hand rolls, because they were sold out on the negitoro and bluefin. I also ordered Shima-Aji, Ika, and Akami nigiri.

Ika / $2.25 ; Akami / $6
Shima-Aji (Striped Jack) / $4

Tip #1: Hosomaki can be turned to Temaki Sushi (aka hand rolls)

Yes! Though it was not mentioned anywhere on the menu, you can turn any hosomaki into temaki sushi (aka hand rolls) for the same price. I highly recommend ordering the hand rolls instead, so you can truly taste the freshness of the fish, as well as the toasted seaweed. One big bite from the hand roll is more satisfying as well. We tried the Negihama (hamachi & green onion) hand roll, and it was fresh and delightful. The small touch of toasting the seaweed makes it remain crispy when it is served. The hamachi is fresh. The hand roll has a good proportion of rice and fish, so you won’t be stuffed with just rice.

Negihama Hand Roll / $3.75

On my second visit, I also tried the Bluefin hand roll, and I prefer the negihama more. Mr. loves the bluefin hand roll, which he ordered more after. However, I think bluefin tastes better when it is served as a nigiri.

Bluefin Hand Roll

Tip #2: Order a few items first, then reorder your favourite items

I think this tip applies when going to restaurants. I usually don’t like to order all at once, because the food might turn cold, especially for slow eaters. For Tom Sushi, I recommend ordering a few items that are appealing to you, before proceeding to order more. Some dishes are more filling than you expect, so by ordering multiple times, you can truly enjoy every dish at your own pace and in its best-served temperature.

Salmon Jalapeno Aburi Hako / $9.95 (6pcs)

We ordered more food after our first round, which includes more hand rolls, Salmon Jalapeno Aburi Hako and Mentaiko Kimchi Yaki Udon. They arrived shortly after, and the Salmon Aburi Hako is great in quality and price. The salmon is lightly torched, with a heat kick from the jalapeno. I also enjoyed the good balance of salmon and rice.

Mentaiko Kimchi Yaki Udon / $10.95

Mentaiko Kimchi Yaki Udon sounds basic, as you can find in most Japanese restaurants in Vancouver nowadays. With the addition of kimchi, it eases the heaviness from the mentaiko. It also gives a sour-spicy flavor to the udon. Who would know a small touch affect the flavor by that much?

Overall Impression

Tom Sushi is always packed whenever I pass by, and I finally know why after two visits. Its affordable pricing and premium quality make you want to go back and try something new on the menu every time. One thing I really like about Tom Sushi is its extensive menu. You can go simple and basic, with a combo or a few pieces of nigiri. Or you can go for a fancy meal with its premium fish selection, such as the bluefin special. I have many recommendations for Tom Sushi, but if I were to pick one, go for the Negihama hand rolls.

Taste: 5/5 • Service: 4/5 • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: 5/5

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