2020 Burgermania is back at Glowbal

I have heard so much about Glowbal’s Burgermania since last year, but I never got a chance to try it until this year. I am both excited and surprised by the varieties of burgers Glowbal is offering. From March 16 to 27, diners can enjoy one of five full-sized burgers, and each is paired with a unique side. Burgermania will be available on Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm.

BBQ Beef Brisket Melt / 9oz / montreal style smoked brisket, peppered bbq glaze, swiss cheese, dilly kraut with bacon, toasted pretzel bun / $19

The first one that immediately got my attention was the BBQ Beef Brisket Melt. It highlights the Montréal style smoked brisket, along with Swiss cheese dilly kraut with bacon, dressed with the peppered bbq glaze, and served with a toasted pretzel bun. The pretzel bun is surprisingly soft, and it eases out the saltiness from the brisket. I wish there is a touch of honey Dijon sauce to add a punch to the saltiness as well.

Deep Fried Dill Pickles / paired with BBQ Beef Brisket Melt

It is paired with the Deep Fried Dill Pickles. I was never a big fan of pickles, but the batter is fresh and crispy. I can see it as a great pairing to this heavily-flavoured burger.

The Spicy Mexican / 9oz / double house ground chunk patties, habanero & lime guacamole, pico de gallo, cilantro queso fresco, brioche bun / $20

I tried the Spicy Mexican next, and it comes with double house ground chuck patties, habanero & lime guacamole, pico de gallo, cilantro queso fresco, served in a brioche bun. The patties are juicy, and it is a unique pairing with guacamole in a burger. I have never tried such combination, but I enjoyed it a lot. Brioche bun is lightly toasted, which adds a crisp texture when I bite into the burger. I also like the heat from the habanero – I love anything spicy!

Waffle Fries “Supreme” / paired with the Spicy Mexican

The Cheesy Waffle Fries “Supreme” is stunning, and I can guarantee that it tastes way better if I tried them fresh. It is a simple, but delicious side.

Surf n’ Turf Burger / 9oz / double house ground chunk patties, buttery lobster & tarragon, shaved fennel, bearnaise, brioche bun / $26

Surf n’ Turf Burger started to become a trend, and Glowbal also did their own version during the Burgemania. It is also layered with double house ground chunk patties, paired with buttery lobster, tarragon, shaved fennel, béarnaise sauce, and served in a brioche bun. The flavor is relatively less heavy, but I was disappointed by the amount of lobster it had, especially when they are diced up. If the lobster can be served in bigger pieces, that will be much more satisfying.

Cheesy Fried Gnocchi Bites / paired with Surf n’ Turf Burger

The burger is paired with a Cheesy Fried Gnocchi Bites. Compared to other burgers, this burger is not too heavy in terms of flavor, which is perfect for this side. There is nothing more I can ask for after a bite of stringy cheesy gnocchi with a bite of the burger.

Crispy Fried Chicken Burger / 9oz / “gooey aged cheddar cheese”, house famous hot sauce, pickled cabbage slaw, ciabatta / $18

Crispy Fried Chicken Burger is a classic, and Glowbal did a twist on this burger. Instead of the traditional brioche bun, it is served in ciabatta, layered with juicy crispy chicken patty, house famous hot sauce, pickled cabbage slaw, and gooey aged cheddar cheese. I love the combination of each topping in the burger, especially the combination of sour and spicy never fails. However, I do prefer the regular brioche bun, which is softer and definitely a better pairing with the crispy chicken.

Housemade BBQ Kettle Chips / paired with Crispy Fried Chicken Burger

Pairing with this burger is Housemade BBQ Kettle Chips, which is another favourite of mine. The heat and crispiness from the kettle chips is addicting. The heat is more like numbing spicy after few chips, but it doesn’t stop me from eating them.

Veggie Parmesana / 9oz / “true veggie patty”, crispy eggplant, parmesan, provolone cheese, tomato fondue, basil aioli, rocket greens, multigrain ciabatta / $18

Last but not least is the Veggie Parmesana, which uses the “true veggie patty”. It also has crispy eggplant, parmesan, provolone cheese, tomato fondue, basil aioli, and rocket greens, served in a multigrain ciabatta. Unlike the crispy fried chicken burger, the ciabatta gives a nice texture to the burger, and the veggie patty is surprisingly delicious. I also like topping choices, which makes it a healthy yet still fabulous burger. I don’t mind having it again!

Fried Parsnip Chips / paired with Veggie Parmesana

Fried Parsnip Chips is a great pairing for this burger. It is light with a hint of sweetness. It keeps the overall flavor refreshing, and I won’t feel guilty eating these as a snack!

Overall Impression

I am glad to try this year’s burger creations from Burgermania at Glowbal. They are all great in portions with a reasonably pricing. Ranging from $18 to $26, you can get a full sized burger, along with its perfect match side. My favourite burgers are the Spicy Mexican and Veggie Parmesana. I am surprised that I enjoyed the vegetarian burger, which I would recommend if you are looking for a light lunch. For the sides, my favourites are the Housemade BBQ Kettle Chips, Waffle Fries “Supreme”, and Cheesy Fried Gnocchi Bites.

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Burger Mania will be available on March 16-27 / Monday to Friday / 11am to 6pm
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