Second Visit to Kosoo Restaurant

After 2 years, I got invited back to Kosoo Restaurant for another media tasting. It recently opened a new location on Robson Street, and it is brighter and more spacious. Unlike the Cardero location, this one on Robson is known for Korean Chicken and BBQ. I think this was overall a better experience compared to the previous one, in terms of taste and quality of the food.

Post-COVID-19 Dine-In Experience

This is one of the few restaurants that I dined after the pandemic. As the restaurant is spacious, Kosoo did a great job with social distancing by spreading out the tables. All customers are required to sanitize their hands and provide contact information to the restaurant. The servers wear masks properly, but not gloves. Overall, I felt safe dining in the restaurant; except there are a lot of flies in the restaurant.


Honey Butter Boneless Chicken / $26 (full)

We ordered a few items to share. Honey Butter Boneless Chicken is my favorite dish of all. Unlike other fried chicken places, Kosoo includes side snacks to pair with each fried chicken dish. For example, this comes with Honey Butter Chips and Rice Cakes. It has a nice balance of crispy and chewy texture. The chicken batter is light and fresh, along with juicy and tender meat. However, I do wish the flavor is sweeter from the honey. Overall, I would definitely return just for this dish.

Half & Half Bone-In Chicken / original & yangnyeom / $35 (fried)

We also ordered the Half & Half Bone-In Chicken, and we picked the Original and Yangnyeom (sweet & spicy). You can also choose between the oven-baked or fried version. The dish also comes with deep-fried mini crabs, and they are so addicting. Unlike the boneless chicken, the Original was less flavorful, and the chicken was not as juicy. I would prefer the Yangnyeom more because I enjoyed the spicy aftertaste lingering in my mouth.

Jokbal & Bossam / $35

Lastly, I would also recommend getting Jokbal & Bossam. They are Korean-style pork shoulder and pig’s feet. The marinated pig’s feet may sound disgusting to some of you, but they are heavenly delicious. It is soft, almost gooey, with a combination of sweet and savory flavor. This is a signature dish that you will find in Korea. Overall, it is flavorful, and I especially enjoyed the Bossam. I also think it is great for sharing,

Overall Impression

Compared to my experience two years ago, Kosoo Restaurant definitely improved a lot on its food quality. I enjoyed the majority of the dishes, and I appreciate that they did a great job of social distancing. If I were to order only one dish, it will be the Honey Butter Boneless Chicken. The dishes are great for sharing, at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I am a bit paranoid with all the flies in the restaurant. I would definitely return again, but maybe in the wintertime when not as many flies are around.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 4/5 • Ambiance: 3/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

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