TAO Skinfood delivers on Peach Gum

Peach Gum starts to become popular in Vancouver, and it is the Asian secret to beautiful skin. While it is often used in sweet soup and desserts, TAO Skinfood created a series of drink using peach gum, along with other natural supplements, such as goji berries and snow fungus. These drinks can be enjoyed chilled or hot, and they are my new favourite drinks in this summer.

TAO Skinfood is an online store based on WeChat and Instagram. They highlight vegan, gluten-free, natural health drinks that are rich in antioxidants and collagen. Peach gum (??) is one of the key ingredients to these drinks. The owners also infuse other natural, nutritious ingredients, such as goji berries (??), snow fungus (??), and snow sparrow (??) to give each drink a distinct taste profile. Although the menu has limited option, quality is the key.

What is Peach Gum? What makes it popular?

Peach Gum (??) is the resin from Chinese wild peach trees, and it is a natural skin supplement, rich in collagen and amino acid, which allows collagen to be quickly absorbed into the human body. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Not only is it frequently used by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is a popular ingredient in sweet soup and desserts. Despite its nutritious benefits, this delicacy is not good for pregnant women.

What does Peach Gum taste like?

Peach gum doesn’t have much flavors on its own, and it has a jelly-like texture. That’s why it is great to add in desserts and sweet soups.

Where can I order them?

You can place your order through WeChat or Instagram. TAO Skinfood offers contactless delivery to Richmond and Vancouver or pickup in Richmond.

I tried three popular drinks, including Signature Peach Gum with Goji Berries, Snow Sparrow and Longan, and Okinawa Black Sugar Ginger Peach Gum.

Signature Peach Gum with Goji Berries

Signature Peach Gum with Goji Berries / $10

Signature Peach Gum with Goji Berries (???????) is my second favourite drink, and I think it tastes great both hot and cold. You can expect loads of peach gum in every sip of your drink, and goji berries act as a natural sweetener to the drink. This nutritious ingredient is high in antioxidants and rich in fiber and vitamins. The drink is subtly sweet, and I love the texture of the peach gum in this drink.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Snow Sparrow and Longan

Snow Sparrow and Longan / $12

Snow Sparrow and Longan (??????) is my favourite drink of all, and I prefer to enjoy it chilled. You can expect three ingredients in this drink – snow sparrow, longan fruit, and 24k edible gold. The subtle sweetness is from the rock sugar and the fruit. The snow sparrow is the vegan version of a Chinese delicacy “bird nest” and acts as a natural remedy for coughs and anti-aging. Longan fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, while 24k edible gold helps to lighten skin and prevent acne. I am impressed to taste snow sparrow in every sip, and it is a refreshing and nourishing drink in the summer.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Okinawa Black Sugar Ginger Peach Gum

Signature Peach Gum with Goji Berries / $10 (left) ; Okinawa Black Sugar Ginger Peach Gum / $12 (right)

I would recommend enjoying the Okinawa Black Sugar Ginger Peach Gum (???????) hot, by simply heating the bottle up with sticker and lid off in the microwave. Compare to the other drinks, this drink has a good balance of sweetness from the black sugar and heat from the ginger. The heat lingers in the mouth, while drinking another sip. I would say this is the perfect drink in the winter, and it is great for flu season as well. The ginger definitely adds some coziness in the drink, and it is a healthy substitute of hot chocolate or apple cider.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall Impression

I enjoyed all three drinks at TAO Skinfood, and I truly hope that this blog post can allow more people to learn about the benefits of peach gum. I think the drinks are totally worth the price, and you can see the owners put much love and care while pairing the ingredients in each drink. I hope they can continue to produce such high-quality products to their customers.

Taste : 4.5/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: N/A • Quality-Price: 5/5

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