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This year, Dine Out Vancouver launches the first ever summer event, Dine OutSide. Locals and tourists are encouraged to dine at patios or picnic-style at participating restaurants. I had a media preview at the Rise Eatery. The brunch and lunch menus are priced at $25, and the dinner is priced at $35. Vegetarian and vegan menu options are available.

Post-COVID-19 Dine-In Experience

The restaurant follows strict protocols for dining in. All staffs wear masks properly, and tables are spread out for social distancing. Each table can have maximum of 6 people. In addition, there is a patio behind the restaurant which the tables are also spaced out. Overall, I felt safe dining in both indoor and outdoor.


Please click here to see the full #DineOutSide menu.


We tried two mocktails, Blue Moon and Flower Power.

Blue Moon is my all-time favourite here because it has a refreshing citrus-y note. It is comprised of seedlip grove 42 (non-alcoholic gin), blueberry-maple kombucha, blueberries, vegan foam, and candied orange. The beautiful purple color makes the drink irresistible.

Blue Moon / seedlip grove 42 (non-alcoholic gin), blueberry-maple kombucha, blueberries, vegan foam, candied orange

Flower Power is the featured drink at the #DineOutSide menu. It has hibiscus, ginger, lime, and soda. It is floral and sweet, which is nice to sip on after flavourful dishes.

Flower Power / hibiscus, ginger, lime, soda


For the dinner menu, you can choose between two appetizers – Chicken Seoul Good and Lo Hay Salad Vegan Edition.

Chicken Seoul Good is a fusion of Korean and Western cuisine, by using wild mushroom cream, truffle oil, and grated Parmesan as sauce, instead of the traditional hot paste. It offers at a smaller portion than regular menu. The breading is crispy and thin, and this unique combination is surprisingly delicious. The chicken is marinated perfectly, and it is juicy and tender.

Chicken Seoul Good / korean style fried chicken, wild mushroom cream, truffle oil, grated parmesan

Conversely, Lo Hay Salad is a light and refreshing option. The vegan edition is served with julienned veggies, crisp rice vermicelli, taro crisp, and an apricot & beet vinaigrette. I’ve always enjoyed this salad, especially with the addition of smoked salmon (offered in the regular menu). However, I hope the vinaigrette is more citrus-y to elevate the overall flavor.

Lo Hay Salad Vegan Edition / julienne of cucumber, daikon, carrot, pickled ginger, onion, tomato, and taro potato, sunflower shoots, crisp rice vermicelli, toasted sesame, peanuts, apricot & beet vinaigrette


There are four options for entrees, and we got the signature Uni-Versal Pasta XO Edition and the vegan option, Pockets of Goodness.

Uni-Versal Pasta XO Edition is probably the most popular dish at the Rise Eatery. During the #DineOutSide festival, you can add $8 to get this dish. As always, the pasta is seasoned on point and well-balanced with sea-urchin cream and egg yolk. The sauteed prawns were perfectly cooked and delicious. Unlike other offerings on the menu, a full portion of the pasta is served for the meal.

Uni-Versal Pasta XO Edition / squid ink pasta, sea urchin cream, free run egg yolk, house xo sauce sautéed ocean wise prawns (4 pieces), flying fish roe, toasted seaweed

I have never tried the Pockets of Goodness, which is potstickers with vegan cheese and plant-based burger fillings. It is served with a tomato & arugula salad, vegan aioli, and a house hickory barbeque sauce. The potstickers are not as flavorful as expected, and I think this serves better as an appetizer than an entree.

Pockets of Goodness / housemade vegan cheese & plant-based “burger” potstickers, tomato & arugula salad, vegan aioli, house hickory barbeque sauce


The desserts are the ones that got me excited, and I tried both options, Boba Coma and Inside Scoop.

Boba Coma infused everyone’s favourite topping, brown sugar tapioca boba pearls. It is served with tea tres leches, creme anglaise, crema, brown butter crumble, and a warm caramel. When you cut the cake in half, the pearls slide out. We found the pearls are slightly overcooked. I wish it is sweeter with a stronger brown sugar flavor.

Boba Coma / tea tres leches, brown sugar tapioca “boba” pearls, crème anglaise, crema, brown butter crumble, warm caramel

I prefer the Inside Scoop more, which is a passionfruit Japanese ice cream mochi. The mochi is nice with the perfect chewiness. Though the passionfruit ice cream is tarte, I found it more enjoyable to end the night.

Inside Scoop / passionfruit Japanese ice cream mochi, dried lavender

Overall Impression

The #DineOutSide menu at The Rise Eatery is enjoyable. It has many dish options in which showcasing some of the restaurant’s signature dishes, as well as adding new and creative ones. On a sunny day, it is best to dine at its quaint and spacious patio. Although some improvements can be made to some dishes, I overall enjoyed my dining experience here.

Taste : 4/5 • Service: 5/5 • Ambiance: 4.5/5 • Quality-Price: 4/5

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