Kyoyu Platter – New Menu Feature at Riz Sushi

About a few months ago, Riz Sushi Bar & Catering transformed and introduced Sushi Bar Shu to their location. Instead of serving poke, the new menu features nigiri, rolls, and sushi platters. Last weekend, I tried the Kyoyu Platter, and I am amazed by the sushi selection offered on the plate.


Riz Sushi is located near Renfrew skytrain station. There is a small parking lot in front of the restaurant. It is convenient for both car and transit.


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Kyoyu Platter

The Kyoyu Platter includes 3 types of oshi of your choice, 3 types of chef’s choice nigiri (12pcs), one modern roll of your choice, a cucumber maki, and a negitoro don.

Kyoyu Platter - Riz Sushi
Kyoyu Platter / $112

My favourite oshi is the Berry Ebi. It is different than usual oshi, with the addition of a berry yuzu reduction. The acidity surprisingly pairs well with ebi and allows the ebi to shine. We also tried the Habanero Salmon and Shichimi Tuna. I wish the heat has a stronger kick in the Habanero Salmon oshi, but I overall enjoyed all the oshis.

Berry Ebi - Riz Sushi
Berry Ebi
Habanero Salmon - Riz Sushi
Habanero Salmon

There are 4 options to choose from for the modern roll, and we got the Yuzu Crab. It has blue crab meat, yuzu tobiko, cucumber, avocado, and yuzu mayo. I found its overall flavor is not too strong, and I can hardly taste the blue crab meat. I might want to try the Curry Dynamite next time, as it sounds more interesting and flavorful.

Negitoro Don - Riz Sushi
Negitoro Don

In the center of the platter, it is a negitoro don, served with seaweed on the side. It would taste great if it is seasoned with some type of sauce, as it tastes slightly bland even with soy sauce and the seaweed. The negitoro itself is not bad, but I was hoping the green onion flavor can be more pungent.

Kyoyu Platter - Riz Sushi
Kyoyu Platter / $112

Overall Impression

With the new concept, Riz Sushi features fresh fish on the menu and offers mainly nigiri, rolls, and sushi platters. The Kyoyu Platter is great to share with a great variety; however, both my mom and I agreed that the flavors of the oshis and rolls are fairly similar. The platter overall is quite mild, which we hope to see a more diverse taste profile in each oshi. For example, the Habanero Salmon can have more heat, or the yuzu flavor in the yuzu mayo can stand out more. Other than that, I love the freshness of the fish being used in the platter.

Taste : 3.5/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: N/A • Quality-Price: 4/5

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