A few weeks ago, I got a chance to attend a private dining event, hosted by Crab Hut and Missing Chopsticks. The menu is designed by Chef Edward Cheng, featuring both Golden Crab Roe from Crab Hut and signature XO Sauce from Missing Chopsticks. The dishes are presented in an Asian fusion style, and it is surprising to see some unique combinations happening on the plate.

Golden Crab Roe from Crab Hut

The Golden Crab Roe is from the Chinese mitten crab, a crab species that can only be found in China. The crab roe is sealed in an airtight bag and must be frozen before cooking it. You can get them at T&T Supermarket in AB and BC.

Razor Clams x Crab Roe (????)

razor crab with crab roe
Fresh razor clam topped with crab roe, MC signature xo sauce, pine nut, cilantro

I wasn’t expecting to see razor clams on the menu, as it requires extra care when cleaning, and it is relatively pricy compared to other seafood. I was happy that the freshness of the razor clam is not overpowered by both the crab roe and xo sauce, instead, they are complementing each other. The addition of pine nut also gives a contrasting texture to the dish.

Scallop x Crab Roe (?????)

scallops with crab roe
Whole scallop baked with crab roe, scallop cream sauce / green onion, homemade confit lemon

The second dish is served with the whole scallop, baked with crab roe and scallop cream sauce. The homemade confit lemon gives a refreshing note. I wish the scallop can be first removed from the shell before serving, as it is difficult for us to eat with just forks and knives. Otherwise, scallop and crab roe make another fabulous combo.

Tiger Prawns x Crab Roe (?????)

tiger prawn with crab roe
Pan roasted tiger prawns paired with crab roe / MC shelter style, preserved black beans, parmesan cheese, green herbs oil

There is a surprising Asian ingredient that made me curious about this dish – preserved black beans. The deshell tiger prawns are topped with the crab roe, along with a small amount of preserved black beans, parmesan cheese, and green herbs oil. The tiger prawns are cooked perfectly, but the preserved black beans slightly overpowers the overall flavor. Also, it would be nice to leave the prawns’ tail for better presentation.

Chicken x Crab Roe (????)

chicken roulade with crab roe
Free range chicken roulade / slow cooked, roasted with butter, served with crab roe, chicken jus, green onion, chili

This is my least favourite dish of all. Though the free-range chicken roulade is tender, it lacks the connection with the crab roe, as if they are served on separate plates. Secondly, the dish is lukewarm, which may also affect the overall flavor.

Paella x Crab Roe (?????)

paella with crab roe
MC style paella / lotus rice, mushroom chicken broth, crab roe, MC signature xo sauce

The lotus rice is served in a paella style by steaming risotto wrapped with lotus leaf. It is then cooked in a mushroom chicken broth and topped with crab roe and xo sauce. The flavor is great, and I love the addition of dried scallop and mushroom in the rice; unfortunately, the rice is undercooked.

Custard Lava Mooncake

custard lava mooncake
Custard lava mooncake

We ended our meal with a custard lava mooncake, and it pairs perfectly well with a hot cup of tea. The tea is aromatic and floral, which eases the heaviness from the mooncake.

Overall Impression

The Golden Crab Roe is flavourful even with a small amount, and I noticed that it is a great pairing with the fresh seafood, such as scallops, clams, and shrimps. Another perfect pairing would be tofu, which can fully highlight the flavor of the crab roe.

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