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On my second stop for Dine Out Vancouver Festival, I went to Fufu Café with my family. It was my first time trying the Japanese Souffle Pancake in Vancouver, and I am excited especially with such an amazing deal in the Dine Out menu.

The Dine Out menu is available for dine-in or takeout, but I recommend dining in to enjoy the freshest soufflé pancakes. And reservation beforehand is also recommended, as the cafe has limited seatings. There is also a one-hour limit for dining in, but they are pretty loose about it. The menu includes a drink of your choice, a Mini Strawberry Sando, and a soufflé pancake of your choice. You can also order individual items within the same table if the dine-out menu doesn’t appeal to you.

fufu cafe Passionfruit & Pineapple fruit soda - pigoutyvr
Passionfruit & Pineapple Fruit Soda

Is the Fufu Café Dine Out Menu Priceworthy?

The Dine Out menu is $19, and I think it is priceworthy. A drink roughly costs $5-7, and the soufflé pancakes are around $15-17. So you can enjoy a full “meal”, with an additional free appetizer (mini strawberry sando). The flavors of the soufflé pancakes offered on the menu are also popular options, such as Tiramisu. The set can be quite filling, so it is a good idea to order a set, along with something else on the menu to share.

What did we Order?

For drinks, we four each got a different drink: espresso latte, earl grey latte, and fruit soda (Passionfruit & Pineapple and Grapefruit & Orange). Fruit Soda is a great pairing to the soufflé pancakes, as it is refreshing, light, and not too sweet. I ordered an espresso latte with hazelnut syrup, and I think it is a great pairing with the Tiramisu soufflé pancakes. The café uses Nocturnal Espresso from Agro Roaster, and I enjoyed the drink.

The Mini Strawberry Sando is a special item made for this dine-out menu. The milk bread is on a drier side, but overall the chantilly cream and strawberries taste great.

fufu café mini strawberry sando
Mini Strawberry Sando

As for the soufflé pancakes, we chose Tiramisu and Hojicha Mochi. Seasonal Special is also an option, and the flavor changes weekly.

Tiramisu Soufflé Pancakes

Tiramisu comes with an espresso sauce and espresso flake ice cream. I enjoyed this more than the Hojicha Mochi because the sweetness and bitterness are well balanced. I also love the mascarpone whipping cream, as if I am eating an actual tiramisu cake. The soufflé pancakes are jiggly and fluffy, but I had to admit that they are not the airiest ones I’ve tried. So after a few bites, it can get quite heavy.

fufu café tiramisu soufflé pancake - pigoutyvr
Tiramisu Soufflé Pancakes / mascarpone cheese whipped cream, espresso sauce, almond chunks, dark chocolate curls, espresso flake ice cream, cocoa powder

Hojicha Mochi Soufflé Pancakes

My brother ordered Hojicha Mochi, which comes with shiratamako mochi, house-made red bean paste, and a house-made hojicha sauce. I didn’t enjoy it as much because I found it lacks sweetness. The only sweet things are the red bean paste and vanilla ice cream, which are overpowered by the pungent hojicha sauce. The hojicha whipping cream tastes bland conversely.

fufu café hojicha mochi soufflé pancakes - pigoutyvr
Hojicha Mochi / hojicha whipped cream, shiratamako mochi, house-made red bean paste, house-made hojicha sauce, vanilla ice cream, kinako powder

Overall Impression

Though this is my first time visiting Fufu Café, I set a high standard as I tried various brands of soufflé pancakes in Hong Kong and Toronto before. Despite the unique flavors offered on the menu, the soufflé pancakes are the highlights here. They are jiggly and fluffy but unfortunately not the airiest. I can sense heaviness from eating the pancakes. The drinks are well done, and I love the wide varieties here. I would want to return and try the savory menu. The items sound unique, and I am curious if the combination of sauage and soufflé pancakes actually works.

Taste : 3.5/5 • Service: 4.5/5 • Ambiance: 5/5 • Quality-Price: 4.5/5

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