Easy Cured Meat Rice (Rice Cooker Version)

Cured Meat Rice - pigoutyvr

Have you ever thought of cooking a meal using just the rice cooker? It’s interesting that I never owned a rice cooker until now, and they have become so multifunctional and easy to use. Today, I will be making an easy Cured Meat Rice using solely the Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-JMY188. And a simple and delicious dinner will be finished in no time.

Cured Meat Rice - pigoutyvr

What is Cured Meat Rice?

Cured Meat Rice is usually a sticky rice dish served in a clay pot, containing Chinese cured meat, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimps, and dried scallops, etc. You can easily find these ingredients in Asian supermarkets. I will also include where I bought the ingredients below in the recipe. Chinese cured meat can be in the form of pork, chicken, duck, or even fish, but the most common one is Chinese sausages.

Cured Meat Rice - pigoutyvr

Today, we are going to make a recipe created by my mom, my favorite rice dish of all. My mom uses white rice in this recipe, as it is healthier than the traditional sticky rice. In this case, we can eat as much as we want. The ingredients added inside make it flavorful and aromatic.

Cured Meat Rice

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Prep Time 2 hrs
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 3 hrs
Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 4 people


  • Panasonic SRCN108 5.5 Cup Electronic Rice Cooker/Warmer, White



  • The night before, wash the dried shiitake mushrooms. Soak them in water overnight.
    7-8 dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Do not throw away the mushroom water. Remove the shiitake mushrooms. Set aside the water.
  • Use a scissor to remove the mushroom stems. Cut them into cubes.
  • In a small bowl, soak the dried shrimps for 5-10 minutes. Roughly chop them into smaller pieces. If the dried shrimps are small, you can leave them as it is.
    ¼ cup dried shrimps
  • Cut the Chinese sausages into small cubes.
    2 Chinese sausages (pork)
  • In the rice cooker, add 2 cups of white rice. Wash them thoroughly. Add the mushroom water up to the mark (for 2-cup rice) on the rice cooker.
    2 cups white rice
  • Place the Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms in a small bowl. And place the bowl in the steamer tray (comes with the rice cooker).
  • Select "white rice" setting and press start.
  • Once the rice is cooked, mix the Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms in the rice. Ready to serve.
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