How to Make a Blender-Free Smoothie? (an Exclusive Promo Code is included)

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We love our smoothies but are never a big fan when it comes to dishwashing, especially in the early morning before rushing to work. Recently, Evive Nutrition reached out to me and gave me a box of their signature blender-free smoothie to try. I honestly wish I knew about them earlier, as they have just the perfect solution that allows us to skip the time-consuming clean-ups. Keep reading to get an exclusive promo code to try it yourself!

What Makes Evive Smoothies Amazing?

Evive Smoothies are a true gem. In just 3 steps, you can prepare a smoothie without a blender. They are easy to prepare with minimal dishwashing needed. Simply pop the cubes into a shaker or mason jar, cover with your choice of liquid, wait 20 minutes, and shake it!

They have a wide selection of flavours you can choose from. From fruits to chocolate, they each have a special benefit, such as glowing skin and immune support, etc.

The smoothies are packed with nutrients, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as plant-based protein. They are natural, vegan, and with no sugar added.

My Favourite Evive Smoothies

1. Viva

Viva, blender-free smoothie - pigoutyvr

It is a classic and popular choice, and it is also my favourite one. It is fruity, delicate, and sweet. It also has some of my favourite fruits as the main ingredients – strawberry, banana, and dragon fruit (pitaya). It also helps to boost our immunity.

2. Yin

Yin, blender-free smoothie - pigoutyvr

It is a comfortable chai smoothie, which is perfect in cooler weather. It is rich in flavours and helps improve our digestive system with oats and apricots. It also has a refreshing and sweet note from mango, carrot, and apple juice.

3. Saphir

Saphir, blender-free smoothie - pigoutyvr

It is a kid’s favourite, but also mine. It has an eye-catching natural blue hue, provided by spirulina superfood. It is the perfect smoothie for summer with its refreshing flavours from banana, apple, and pineapple. The addition of baobab gives a dose of essential minerals.

Exclusive Evive Smoothies Promo Code

Use code PIGOUTYVR30 for 30% off on your first box. You can also get two free shakers during the month of February as a special promotion. The code is valid at any time.

Evive Nutrition offers free delivery, and you can get it delivered straight to your door monthly with an online subscription.

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