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Genmaicha Yuzu Pound Cake

genmaicha yuzu pound cake - pigoutyvr

Trying unique combinations with different ingredients is one of the key elements that make baking fun. So far, I’ve tried Ovaltine x Coffee and Hojicha x Chestnut. And today, I wanted to introduce a new member of this collection: Genmaicha x Yuzu. Instead of a chiffon cake, I think a Genmaicha Yuzu Pound Cake is more suitable for this refreshing combination.

Coffee Ovaltine Madeleines - pigoutyvr

Coffee x Ovaltine Madeleines

I have been trying numerous ideas with Ovaltine in my desserts lately, and finally, there is one that turns out perfectly. Ovaltine is a popular kid-friendly drink, but have you thought of pairing it with coffee? The bitterness from coffee pairs surprisingly well with Ovaltine. Therefore, I made a French pastry, Coffee Ovaltine Madeleines. As Ovaltine contains sugar already, this recipe uses way less sugar compared to others.

Mini Coffee & Matcha Roti Buns - pigoutyvr

Mini Coffee & Matcha Roti Buns

I am burning through my butter like crazy for the past two weeks because of these amazing, delicious Coffee & Matcha Roti Buns. I was surprised by how easy it is to make them. The only key here is to ensure buns to be fluffy and airy and a perfect coating that covers the entire bun. I also made some Matcha Butter as fillings for the matcha buns.

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