[RECIPE] Hojicha Mochi Cookies

After Dalgona Coffee, Mochi Cookies become the latest trendSo I decided to go ahead and try making Hojicha Mochi Cookies, garnished with chocolate chips and sea salt on top. Mochi cookies are a popular snack/souvenir in Korea, so I hope this homemade version can make you feel like a vacation in Korea again. I normally like my cookies with a crisp edge and soft inside. If you are also one of them, you will enjoy this finished product so much. I also included a tutorial videos on how to knead your mochi in a clean and efficient way.

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[RECIPE] Black Sesame & Cranberry Scones

Here is another black sesame recipe to the list – Black Sesame Scones. I have been spending a good amount of time to research on ideas to infuse black sesame. After trying different desserts, I found black sesame is pungent, but it can easily lose its nutty flavor during baking. Instead, a subtle bitterness is left in the aftertaste, or the texture can get sandy. Scone is a simple, great breakfast or afternoon tea snack, and my experiment with black sesame in it turns out great. The nutty flavor from the black sesame powder remains with no bitter aftertaste.

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[RECIPE] Mini Cheese Mochi Bread (芝士麻糬波波)

These Mini Cheese Mochi Balls are my favourite childhood snacks in Hong Kong. They often come in different flavors, such as sesame, matcha azuki, and chocolate etc. But the one that I’m addicting the most is the cheese flavor. Each ball is puffy, with a golden brown crispy shells and a soft, chewy inside. In the homemade version, I added extra cheese to give it a stronger flavor. With this one-bowl recipe, you can easily make them and finish them in one setting.

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[RECIPE] Hojicha Melon Pan with Milk Mochi

After seeing my friend, Lora, making a Matcha Melon Pan, I decided to try to make a Hojicha flavoured Melon Pan with Milk Mochi inside. I have previously made quite a few bread with mochi inside, and the overall instruction is quite similar. If you have a Kitchen Aid stand up mixer at home, this will make the process ever faster and easier. You can also make it without the mochi – just simply skip the steps and ingredients of it.

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[RECIPE] Taiwanese Pineapple Cake (鳳梨酥)

Last night, I revisited the recipe on homemade Taiwanese Pineapple Cake. I previously had a hard time assembling them, and the filling bursted out while baking. I did more research this time, and finally they are nicely shaped and taste great. Though it is not as professional as store bought, it is still a great treat to satisfy my crave on Taiwanese snacks. I compile some tips and techniques, along with the recipe in this blog post. Have fun baking!

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