Purdys Chocolatier: Ruby Praline & Ruby Cherry Almond Bars

Have you heard of ruby confection lately? They are getting trendy for the past few months, and it creates sweet treats with pink coating. The pink color is natural, with no food colouring or fruit flavourings. Purdys Chocolatier, a Vancouver-based chocolatier, recently launched some new confections featuring ruby cocoa beans.

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Mon Paris Patisserie

Recently, there are a lot of new cafes and dessert places opened in Burnaby, and one of my favorite would be Mon Paris Patisserie. It has a very classy and simple interior design. As soon as you step in the store, you can smell the aroma of chocolate. The pastries and sweets are displayed beautifully, and what always caught my attention are the bonbons!

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David H. Chow – Assorted Bonbons

David H. Chow is an infamous pastry chef and more importantly, a chocolatier in Toronto. One of the most popular products would probably be the photogenic BONBONS. It is different from regular chocolate, because they are handcrafted with love and care. Each piece is unique, and they often have various layers of flavors. Chocolatiers will use their creativity and bring surprises into each piece. That’s why, I am very obsessed with bonbons. So I have begged my friend, who was going to visit her boyfriend in Toronto, to bring me a box of those mysterious and beautiful bonbons as souvenir. Continue reading “David H. Chow – Assorted Bonbons”