Happy Lamb Hot Pot (快乐小羊)

Which place do you immediately think of when your friends suggest hotpot in Richmond? I am about to introduce a newly renovated hot pot place at Landsdowne Center – Happy Lamb Hot Pot (快乐小羊). Regardless of price, quality, and portion, it is at top-notch, and I had a great experience with my friends here.

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Contactless Food Delivery is Available in Canada

The First Dessert food delivery by UberEats

To prevent further spread of COVID-19, many are working from home. Some may be struggling to get groceries, or just tired of cooking and washing dishes. Contactless food delivery is here to rescue. There are numerous food delivery services that are available in Vancouver, and many are proactively adopting new policies to alleviate customers’ concerns with COVID-19. You can support local businesses through these delivery services. In this blog post, I included the companies that I have used before and are offering contactless delivery, as well as promo codes for first-time users.

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Bringing you to JiangHu for Authentic Taiwanese Dishes

Right Next to Hotpot Palace, there is another hidden gem that serves authentic Taiwanese pot and stir-fry dishes – JiangHu. It uses local ingredients to create some unique dishes that you rarely see in Vancouver. Recently, they launched a happy hour for late-night supper, which is best for any late night cravings out there, especially when everything closes early in Vancouver. This event is organized by Issabelle, the Community Manager of Yelp Vancouver, and I was so excited to be part of it. In addition, Feast: Asian Dining Festival also joined us for the night.

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Feast x Subaru: A Satisfied Chinese Dinner at Continental Seafood Restaurant

If you missed the first and second stops of my FEAST! adventure, then you should go check out my last blog posts about an amazing $38 set menu at Hotpot Palace and $48 set menu at Mr. Bro Bistro & Izakaya. You have now until Monday, November 18 to have a taste of the Feast: Asian Dining Festival. For my last stop, I invited my friends to join me at Continental Seafood Restaurant to enjoy a $178 set menu for 6 people.

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Feast x Subaru: First Time Visiting Hotpot Palace

This is the second year of Feast: Asian Dining Festival, which you can dine in 34 participating restaurants in Richmond with a discounted price or special set menus featuring their signature dishes. This festival features a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, Korean, Persian, and Japanese, so there must be a suitable restaurant for everyone. The festival is happening from now until November 18, 2019. I collaborated with Feast and Subaru to drive around Richmond and visit some participating restaurants. My first stop is Hotpot Palace, a high-end hotpot restaurant offering a $38 set menu during the Feast Festival.

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