[RECIPE] Oroweat x Ovaltine Lava French Toast

Ovaltine Lava French Toast is my new favourite of afternoon tea snacks. When you cut it open, the milk in the middle slowly oozes out. The combination of ovaltine and kinako powder gives a sweet and nutty flavor. I also love the addition of cocoa powder, which creates a hint of bitterness.

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[RECIPE] Taro Mochi Swirl Mooncakes (芋頭麻糬酥)

Instead of the snow skin mooncakes that I used to make, I decided to challenge myself and bake some Taro Mochi Swirl Mooncakes (芋頭麻糬酥). Unlike the traditional mooncakes, it has a thousand layers, with a flaky shell. It may sound complicated, but I found the process quite fun and enjoyable.

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[RECIPE] A-Chino Pineapple Cake Ice Cream Bar

Hot summer is still not leaving Vancouver, which is a good news for me – I can make more popsicles. Recently, everyone is talking this Pineapple Cake Ice Cream Bar (鳳梨酥雪派) from a Taiwanese brand, A-Chino (阿奇儂). It was expensive, which is around $10 for 3 bars. So I decided to replicate this popsicle and made my own version.

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