[RECIPE] Black Sesame & Cranberry Scones

Here is another black sesame recipe to the list – Black Sesame Scones. I have been spending a good amount of time to research on ideas to infuse black sesame. After trying different desserts, I found black sesame is pungent, but it can easily lose its nutty flavor during baking. Instead, a subtle bitterness is left in the aftertaste, or the texture can get sandy. Scone is a simple, great breakfast or afternoon tea snack, and my experiment with black sesame in it turns out great. The nutty flavor from the black sesame powder remains with no bitter aftertaste.

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[RECIPE] Matcha Coconut & Coconut Brown Sugar Spread

I’ve been looking for great pairing for black sesame pastries, and I noticed that many recommend matcha. It looks like the two pungent-flavored ingredients pair surprisingly well. So I decided to go for something simple, with the limited ingredients I had at home to make two lactose-free, vegan spread – Matcha Coconut and Coconut Brown Sugar. You can use these spreads on bread or scones.

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[RECIPE] Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

Last year, I made the mini Matcha Lava Chiffon Cake for Mr. birthday, and he enjoyed it so much. This year, I revisited this recipe and wanted to make Black Sesame Chiffon Cake. I found that baking in a 6″ cake pan can cause the cake shrink way easier, due to the larger surface area. So I failed on my first attempt. On my second attempt, I did something different, which I compiled some tips for you. So you can also have a beautiful, tall, and fluffy chiffon cake on the first try.

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[RECIPE] Purple Yam Coconut Milk with Sago

I can never get sick of purple yam, as it is nutritious and low calorie. After making the Purple Yam Pearls, I have some leftover mashed purple yam. So I decided to use it to make a simple and quick Chinese dessert – Purple Yam Coconut Milk with Sago. Again, this recipe doesn’t require any skills, so you can make this within 15 minutes for a late night dessert.

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[RECIPE] 100% Successful Purple Yam Pearls

After 3 weeks, I decided to get my hands on pearls. Though I have been ordering delivery service occasionally to satisfy my bubble tea crave, it is different to make pearls by hand. Unlike brown sugar pearls, Purple Yam Pearls is definitely a healthier and easier version. I enjoy pairing the pearls with milk, with fresh purple yam bits. As mentioned, this is a 100% successful recipe and family-friendly. For me, I just made them while watching TVB at night.

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