[RECIPE] Ombré Taro Purée

I made a simple Taro Purée with my leftover taro and ube (purple yam). This recipe uses only four simple ingredients, and it will transform into 4 different shades of purple colored Taro Purée. There is no food coloring or preservatives, with minimal sugar. This pairs well with toast, or even milk and yogurt.

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October Mrkt Haul: the New Way to Support Local Business Virtually

Mrkt Haul is a new way to support local businesses in Vancouver. It is a one-stop online platform that different local businesses can showcase their products, and customers can place orders online for pickup. Mrkt Haul features different businesses each month, and there would be a week for customers to shop. Then they can schedule for pick up in the following week.

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[RECIPE] Taro Mochi Swirl Mooncakes (芋頭麻糬酥)

Instead of the snow skin mooncakes that I used to make, I decided to challenge myself and bake some Taro Mochi Swirl Mooncakes (芋頭麻糬酥). Unlike the traditional mooncakes, it has a thousand layers, with a flaky shell. It may sound complicated, but I found the process quite fun and enjoyable.

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