Lu Charcoal Grill

Are you sick of the regular breakfast with sunny-side up eggs, bacon, and toast? What about trying an authentic experience Chinese breakfast? Lu Charcoal Grill in Richmond serves a Tianjin-style breakfast, and some of the famous items would be Jian Bing (also known as Chinese crêpes), Scallion Pancake, Tea Eggs, and Handmade Wonton, etc.

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During this extremely cold weather in Vancouver, I always love to sit down at a cafe and enjoy a cup of hot mocha. DALINA would be one of my go-to place! There is a mini-grocery store, with local, organic, and healthy products on one end. On the other side, it is a modern cafe that sells sandwiches, espresso beverages, and much more.

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Sugar Lab

After the last crêpe cakes hunt with L’OTUS Cake Boutique, I am very looking forward to Sugar Lab, a dessert place on Grimmer St in Burnaby. I did some research before I went, and I heard their cakes usually out around 8 pm. So we decided to call and reserve four slices before they were sold out, just like what we did in L’OTUS.

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On Yogurt

Who wants to stay healthy, but can still eat delicious desserts? On Yogurt is one of the options in Yaletown. This is where I first tried ice fried yogurt. It is absolutely cool to watch the progress of making it, and more importantly, it is gluten-free and organic. For the past years, their menu expands to also include drinks, waffles, pastry, and bubble teas. This tiny shop just brings dessert to a whole new level. Continue reading “On Yogurt”

Sharetea [Cambie Location]

What is better than drinking bubble tea in a pouring day? Drinking more than one bubble tea in a day. Today, I am glad to be invited to a media tasting at Sharetea‘s new location on Cambie Street. The interior of the shop is very similar to the Richmond location one, except that it is larger, which is full of artistic decors. Compare to other locations, it is definitely quieter, so I would say it is a good study or hangout spot with friends. Continue reading “Sharetea [Cambie Location]”