Rating Criteria

Vancouver PIGOUT will always stay honest and truthful on reviews and ratings at all times. Ratings are scored based on individual experience, which includes food, service, ambiance, and quality-price. Each criteria is rate out of 5, with 1 being the worst. Here is how we define each criteria.


flavor | texture | ingredients compatibility | execution | presentation | creativity

Do the major ingredients carry the dominant flavors? Does each component compliment each other? Is the dish seasoned and cooked perfectly? Is the dish creative?


consistent service with all customers | food waiting time | interactions with customers

Do all customers receive the same type of service? How does the restaurant respond to complaints from customers? How long is the waiting time after an order is placed? Do servers engage with the customers?


cleanliness | interior design | comfort

Is the restaurant clean? Are the utensils washed properly, without oil or water stain? How do we feel when we step into the restaurant? Is the seating comfortable?


food quality with respect to its price | portion size

Is it worth to order the dish again? How is the food quality and portion size relative to its price? Can we get better food with cheaper or similar price elsewhere?

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