[RECIPE] Black Sesame Totoro Cookies

I bought a lot of cookie cutters at the beginning of this year, and I finally had a chance to use two of my favourite ones – Chibi-Totoro and O-Totoro. These cookies are super easy to make, with simple ingredients. It has a nice crisp, with a nutty flavor from the black sesame.

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[RECIPE] Kinako-Injeolmi Roll Cake

I am obsessed with mochi, and I am testing its limit to see what I can make with them. This roll cake is inspired by the Korean Injeolmi Bingsu, which I created the Kinako-Injeolmi Roll Cake. It uses a chiffon cake base, and I also made some adjustments based on my previous chiffon cake recipe, so it can be rolled into a cylinder shape without cracking.

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[RECIPE] Basque Burnt Cheesecake with a Twist

Another popular item off my baking list – Basque Burnt Cheesecake. And I always love making things interesting by adding a twist. It is an one-bowl, foolproof recipe, and the goal here is to burn the cheesecake, so I am sure no one can fail on this important task. I added a secret ingredient to enrich its flavor, and it was initially an experiment. But it works, so I would like to share that with you too.

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[RECIPE] Black Sesame & Cranberry Scones

Here is another black sesame recipe to the list – Black Sesame Scones. I have been spending a good amount of time to research on ideas to infuse black sesame. After trying different desserts, I found black sesame is pungent, but it can easily lose its nutty flavor during baking. Instead, a subtle bitterness is left in the aftertaste, or the texture can get sandy. Scone is a simple, great breakfast or afternoon tea snack, and my experiment with black sesame in it turns out great. The nutty flavor from the black sesame powder remains with no bitter aftertaste.

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[RECIPE] Matcha Coconut & Coconut Brown Sugar Spread

I’ve been looking for great pairing for black sesame pastries, and I noticed that many recommend matcha. It looks like the two pungent-flavored ingredients pair surprisingly well. So I decided to go for something simple, with the limited ingredients I had at home to make two lactose-free, vegan spread – Matcha Coconut and Coconut Brown Sugar. You can use these spreads on bread or scones.

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