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Matcha Coconut & Coconut Brown Sugar Spread

Matcha Coconut Spread - pigoutyvr

I’ve been looking for a great pairing for black sesame pastries, and I noticed that many recommend matcha. It looks like the two pungent-flavored ingredients pair surprisingly well. So I decided to go for something simple, with the limited ingredients I had at home to make two lactose-free, vegan spreads – Matcha Coconut Spread and Coconut Brown Sugar Spread. You can use these spreads on bread or scones.

Shiba Inu Dango - pigoutyvr

Shiba Inu Face and Butt Dango

The next item on the list that I have been wanting to make is dango, which is a sweet rice dumpling made with mochiko. I am not making any regular dango, but Shiba Inu Dango with face and its cute butt. You need only two ingredients to make the dough, and another two to make the syrup. Once the dough is formed, you can use your creativity and imagination to create any shapes.

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