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Cow Pattern Angel Cake Roll

cow pattern angel cake roll

Angel Food Cake (天使蛋糕) is a great way to use excessive egg whites at home. It is similar to Chiffon Cakes, with a pillowy soft texture and light flavor. With the preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I decided to make a cow pattern cake roll and pair it with black sesame and coconut cream.

Matcha Coconut Spread - pigoutyvr

Matcha Coconut & Coconut Brown Sugar Spread

I’ve been looking for a great pairing for black sesame pastries, and I noticed that many recommend matcha. It looks like the two pungent-flavored ingredients pair surprisingly well. So I decided to go for something simple, with the limited ingredients I had at home to make two lactose-free, vegan spreads – Matcha Coconut Spread and Coconut Brown Sugar Spread. You can use these spreads on bread or scones.

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