[RECIPE] Milk Tea & Coffee Jelly Cup (奶茶咖啡凍)

It is getting warmer in Vancouver, and we all need treats that are lighter and cooler. So I decided to turn one of popular HK drink into jelly – Milk Tea + Coffee Jelly, or also known as yuenyeung (鴛鴦) in Cantonese. It is also the best way to burn through some of them useless instant coffee powder. I also included a short video on how I turn them into simple dessert cups.

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[RECIPE] Hojicha Mochi Cookies

After Dalgona Coffee, Mochi Cookies become the latest trendSo I decided to go ahead and try making Hojicha Mochi Cookies, garnished with chocolate chips and sea salt on top. Mochi cookies are a popular snack/souvenir in Korea, so I hope this homemade version can make you feel like a vacation in Korea again. I normally like my cookies with a crisp edge and soft inside. If you are also one of them, you will enjoy this finished product so much. I also included a tutorial videos on how to knead your mochi in a clean and efficient way.

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[RECIPE] Hojicha Melon Pan with Milk Mochi

After seeing my friend, Lora, making a Matcha Melon Pan, I decided to try to make a Hojicha flavoured Melon Pan with Milk Mochi inside. I have previously made quite a few bread with mochi inside, and the overall instruction is quite similar. If you have a Kitchen Aid stand up mixer at home, this will make the process ever faster and easier. You can also make it without the mochi – just simply skip the steps and ingredients of it.

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